When a loved one dies, it is very important for their surviving family and friends to send the deceased off in style in a coffin that reflects their tastes and preferences in life. There is incredible scope for personalisation and one option is to customise coffins with designs that really mean something.

Considering a Personalised Design

One great option for a special coffin is to choose a personalised design. In the past, coffins were generally of the plain finish variety, albeit in a range of highly-polished woods or varnishes, with occasional colour use; today, you can use the latest technologies for graphic design and print to customise coffins with designs that mean something to you and the deceased.

Choosing an Image

It can be tricky to work out which image best suits the memory of your loved one, especially during a difficult time as you prepare for a funeral; however, you will find that there are plenty of designs to choose from in all categories. There are beautiful tropical pools, sunsets and forests, for example, in addition to pets and people, graphical and abstract images, flowers, water scenes, starlit skies and more.

So you Want Something Bespoke?

If you have a particular image in mind, it is well worth speaking to the funeral director, who will help you to find the right finish. If you already have an image, for example, you may be able to have it replicated onto the coffin. An illustration may also be possible as a custom piece. Many people like to have photos of their favourite club logos or even cartoon characters, and a lot of big brands are understanding about letting these be replicated for the purposes of a funeral. For families with young children, these finished customised pieces can also make a funeral coffin seem less daunting and frightening.

What About Other Finishing Touches?

The coffin design will be the masterpiece, but there are plenty of other things you can do to customise your chosen coffin; for example, you can pick from a range of materials to suit all tastes and budgets. Eco-friendly and sustainable wood and cardboard coffins are a good choice and very popular with humanist funerals, as the materials are designed to break down naturally into the soil and replenish it. Many people like this cyclical approach and find it very meaningful, especially if they are not aligned to a particular faith. Traditionalists may prefer heavy woods, especially if they are looking to have a burial funeral in a graveyard. For crematoriums, the funeral director will be able to advise on the best coffin finishes. The good news is that custom designs can be applied to a wide range of finished materials.

Other finishing touches include the lining material and handles, all of which can be fully adjusted and customised to suit your particular needs and budget. In this way you can ensure that you feel really proud of the finished result and certain that it will enable you to see your loved one off in style.