Brass is one of the most popular used metals for many different reasons. One of the most obvious reason is that of its aesthetic appeal. Brass gives off a shine that can only be compared with gold and silver. Its attractive shine is the key reason why you are likely to see brass used in various industry in architectural design. Brass is a simple term used for a set of copper-zinc alloys. Brass is a highly conductive material and malleable mainly used in electrical wiring. With beauty and ease of production make brass one of the widely used alloys.

Brass is mainly used in the applications that are decorative and mechanical. Brass aesthetic value makes it a popular choice for decorative applications. The color lies in light gold and silver all the way to almost red. Its color is visually appealing and bacteria resistant. In the below section, we are discussing the uses of brass and some reasons why its demand is increasing day by day in the market.

Here are the three main key industries where brass is used:

  • Automotive

The automotive industry is one of the top industries that use this tough metal and its alloys in the manufacturing process. In earlier times, aluminum was used to make car and truck radiators but aluminum is considered as a heavy alloy. Then manufacturers have started replacing aluminum with copper-brass alloy.

  • Metalworking

Because of its unique properties like corrosion resistance, common uses for brass include applications which require low friction. Brass is also mainly used for mechanical application also. Tools made of brass usually have extended life and a reduced need for sharpening. Those who manufacture small non-sparking components like doorknobs, hinges mostly depend on brass.

  • Music

Brass is also popular in the music industry as well. Brass sheets are used to make trumpets, horns etc. Due to its high temperature bearing nature, it can be mold into any desired shape while maintaining its acoustic properties.

Apart from these uses, there are several other uses of brass in the market and one of the best things is that we can customize brass components. Some of the leading market manufacturers offer customization choices where you can choose the design, material, finish etc. The material choice includes brass, stainless steel and other wide range of alloys. Custom brass components are preferred by the customers because of its precision.

Here is the brief list of customized brass components available in the market:

  • Pipes
  • Hardware fittings
  • Ethnic items
  • Railings
  • Decorative items that are used in the interior designing setup
  • CNC machine parts

Other than that, brass is also used in the variety of products including containers, handles, lighting fixtures, lamp parts, valves, gears, knobs, handles, nut, bolts, clock hands, and electrical devices.

If you are also looking for customizing brass turned parts for your home decoration purpose or other uses, there are lots of options are available in the market. You can visit their website and see the latest attractive designs at affordable prices.