Snoring happens due to the throat muscles relaxing and falling backward or on top of each other or only the tissues relaxing, and the villa in the trachea are vibrating thus creating the snoring sound. These are just ways how snoring occurs, not the real reasons why the throat muscles relax.

Who would want to go to a chemist and ask them for medicines for snoring? We have some natural cure for snoring, but first, let’s get to know why or what makes us snore.

Cures For Snoring - Natural and Effective Ways To Stop Your Snoring Problem

1. Sleeping on your back could be the reason why your throat muscles relax and fall on top of each other.

2. Maybe it’s time to get your sinus looked into; allergies could be the reason for your snoring. Try nasal strips or nasal sprays but only use till the allergy is persistent.

3. Drink one glass of water before going to bed or take a hot water bath. Many times our throat muscles dry up and thus make the snoring sound. A hot water bath will help opening up your breathing channels.

4. Smoke? Drink? Love a big dinner? Some things will have to stop if you want to stop snoring. Smoking is a general health issue that may cause inflammation in your throat. Alcohol relaxes your throat muscles and thus is also a factor. A heavy, oily and fatty dinner leaves the throat dry and even affects the diaphragm thus your breathing as well.

5. Watch out for medicines that are relaxants, medicines that relax your body might be the reason your throat falls back.

6. If you haven’t a good night’s sleep due to your hectic work schedule for the whole past week? Snore you will.

7. Too much fat in your throat.

If you want to cure you’re snoring naturally and then you just need to change a few habits.

1. Exercise and losing weight. Using and losing some weight might be a good idea to your snoring problems as it will reduce the fatty tissue in your throat.

2. Say no to fatty foods or alcohol before bedtime; fatty foods restrict airflow in your throat. If you take any relaxants, consult your doctor.

3. Quit smoking, not only is it a general health degrade but it even irritates your throat and may cause inflammation of the tissues.

4. Change your sleeping position or posture. Sleeping on your side can prevent your throat from collapsing.

5. Change your pillow covers every week and dust them regularly. Change old pillow every six months. Sleeping with a pet in the room could also be the reason for your snoring.

6. Take a hot shower before bed; it could help in opening your nasal pathway.

If snoring stays even after a few weeks of these remedies, then consult a doctor. If you wake up feeling fatigued and irritated and still sleepy after a good night’s sleep or have woken up with a choking feeling, chances are you might have sleep apnea consult a doctor as soon as possible.