Crimes and Defendant’s Rights

Crimes exist in this world in different shapes and nature, but criminal law divides them into 4 main categories

As far as punishments are concerned, different countries and states have different level of severity for these crimes. Based on the level of severity, crimes can be classified into two categories:

For any of these crimes, the defender is allowed to hire a lawyer to prove his innocence. For example, if you face criminal charges in Calgary, Gracia Law Service understands how to go about and win your case.

Your Rights as a Defendant

In the following lines, you can learn how a Calgary criminal defense lawyer can help you face criminal charges:

  1. Right to discuss strategy

As a free citizen held against charges, you have the right for a fair trial, and your defense attorney ensures that your rights are protected. On the basis of all circumstances around your case and the nature of evidences testifying your guilt, your criminal defense lawyer will:

  1. Right to investigate

In criminal cases, there exist many evidences that can go in defendant’s favor and prove him innocent. If evidences are too difficult to find, your criminal lawyer will conduct an undercover investigation to search for more evidences. These evidences may be unknown witnesses, or any other factors that could help he improve defendant’s chances. Calgary criminal defense lawyersare by far the best in establishing strong defense of their clients.

  1. Right to find evidences

On the basis of his findings, his expert knowledge about the law and its technicalities, your defense lawyer utilize pre-trial period to strengthen your defense from every possible angle. The case will then be presented for trial.

  1. Right to defend trial

During trial phase, you defense attorney will do the following to raise the doubt regarding the crime:

  1. Right to appeal

Even if the case went against the defendant, criminal defense lawyer will use his expertise to create grounds for appeal in higher courts.

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