Creating an education course to sell online is a great way to funnel your expertise into a rewarding and, hopefully, profitable venture. If you consider yourself an expert in a certain area, then you may be thinking about creating a course to share your knowledge with others. If so, you will want to be sure you’re doing this right to make your online course the success you want it to be.

Create a Result

All courses, no matter the industry, will have a tangible result in the end. If a student were to take your course, they need to first know what they are going to get out of it. For example, if your course is about getting your article listed in a massive publication, then the end result should be just that — an article in a major publication.

Make It Easy With Steps

Good online sales training courses, for example, offer step-by-step instructions, creating a system, showing people exactly what they need to do. Try to steer clear of a blob of text or a video of you talking for 15 minutes straight. Like a recipe card, make it easy for someone to follow you as they try to become the expert like you are.

Don’t Be Too Cheap

While it may be tempting to price your course like the bargain bin at your local retailer, it’s important to resist this urge as it can often backfire. The goal here isn’t how many courses you can sell, it’s how many students you can teach. If you can prove you know what you’re talking about, people are willing to pay a premium. Staying on the premium end by investing in your students can create a happy customer base.

Preview Your Course

Don’t just launch your course and hope for the best; instead, build anticipation by launching free videos or blog posts, offering a people a glimpse at what you’re able to offer in your course in the future. By building this mailing list and gaining views on your website, you can only hope these people will want to join your premium course if they like what they see in the previews.

The launch, when ready, is the just the beginning. Don’t forget to promote and stick to it through thick or thin, especially if you think your course is the real deal. Course creators, who have succeeded in the past, will always tell you persistence is key.