The online marketing has changed the concept of selling and buying of products. The prospective buyers will refer to the internet for getting maximum information about a product before making any decision. Even if the customer is going to a shop for buying or getting it online, he has all the details of the product from the net. So business houses, small and big are interested to make their products familiar to the customers through blogs, articles, brochures and essays using the web sites.

Content Editors

A content writer is the person who writes texts about the product. The digital marketing has made it possible for those with good writing skills to enhance their income by working as content writers. The content editor interacts with the writers and edits the text submitted by them.

Many clients need write-ups to promote their products using web sites. There are many professional writers who are ready to use their writing talent to earn some money. It is difficult for the clients to get the correct copywriter unless they have their own team of writers. Many agencies do the job of finding suitable copywriters for their clients. The Contentmart is one such platform. Launched in 2015, Contentmart is a web site connecting the clients and the copywriters.

From the Contentmart the clients are sure to get top quality contents. The quality of the content is assured through a built-in check system. This ensures that there is no plagiarism involved. The client can select the correct writer by scrutinising his past records and the quoted charge for the order. There is assured payment at the Contentmart as the client is paying the writer directly.

A content editor is an important person in a content management system. He is responsible for all the aspects of the content such as development, design, editing, and publishing information on the sites. Often they will have to work in tandem with the graphic designer and the web developer. As he is responsible for the text written by the copywriters, he should have good language and editing skills. Content editors in special fields should have high academic qualifications. The content editors should have good communication skills as they have to interact with different types of people as content writers.

A content editor normally modifies the text after knowing the requirements of the client. He can check the popularity of the content by counting the number of visitors to the site. In a platform like the Contentmart, the main job of the content editor is to make sure that the content is original and is fit for publication. Those content writers who are qualified and have years of experience normally act as content editors.

Thanks to Contentmart, Indian content editors are getting a fresh lease of life and the site is now one of the most sought after jobs.