Painting the walls with simple, single coats of paint is an easy job, and the end result is a nice looking bedroom. But at times, just having nice rooms doesn’t satisfy. For those who have a knack for keeping their rooms nicely decorated and designed, would like to go beyond the word ‘Nice’ and come up with something very different and innovative. In order to meet these demands and satisfy the creative homeowners, the industry has come up with specialty or faux paint techniques which not just integrate the innovations in the painting techniques, but also ensure a wall which is new.

Contemporary Decorative Techniques Which Make The Home Walls Shine Better

While discussing it out the with Steve Silvers Empire Today , the CEO of the company that has delved decades into interior decoration and designing, several new techniques have come up, which not all must be aware of. Bringing some of them into focus is the prime motto of this article and it heads towards this.

  • Stenciling

For those who want to create repeated patterns that will have a uniformity of its own, or may be an entire mural on the walls this method of painting might help. There’s no such human being who can maintain the same dimensions of the patterns throughout the wall, and even if they can do, it is a time taking process. When life has itself got so fast and rapid, spending so much of time against painting the walls might not be affordable. Stencils can easily come to the rescue at such points. With nearly endless patterns to choose from, one would definitely find the design that he had been looking for. They can be even used to create sophisticated designs like the Moroccan Trellis in the master bedroom or even a barnyard scene for the kid’s rooms.

  • Harlequin

It is nothing but a diamond pattern which is very easy to create with the right set of tools but doesn’t look like one. Generally, these types of fun patterns are preferred in the children’s rooms or even in the nurseries. But experts believe that if it can be used meticulously with the right contrasting set of colors, they can surprise the guests with the sophistication they hold, and prove to be a strong contender to be used in the master bedrooms. In order to create the harlequin, one needs to measure and apply the painter’s tape in diagonal strips across the wall. Once the entire wall has been painted and dried, these strips need to be removed to find the final effect.

According to Steve Silvers Empire Today , there are several other patterns that might serve the purpose and are less whimsical than the harlequin, like the checkerboard which often works well in the contemporarily structured houses and gives out a sense of order in the room. Similarly, there are even the Wall Graphics and Polka Dots which artistically done serve the purpose bring in a certain sense of elegance as well. Choosing the right pattern is left completely up to the homeowners, and the choice will reflect the taste and personality as well.