Safety should be the top priority in construction sites where risks and potential hazards are plentiful. Every year, accidents and fatalities increase. Construction workers, heavy machine operators and laborers face risks every single time they are in their project sites.

Construction Safety

Some of the risks include:

  • Falling from elevated places
  • Falling objects
  • Collapse of huge equipment like scaffolds
  • Electric shock
  • Risk of repetitive motion injuries
  • Insufficient or failure to use protective equipment

Keep in mind the most basic safety tips to minimize accidents in construction sites. Make sure that you are wearing proper clothing and safety gear. All workers must wear hard hats to protect their heads. Other safety gears and clothing include the proper shoes, safety glasses, gloves and face shields. Make sure that all your clothing and gears fit properly. All workers must undergo training for equipment. People handling heavy equipment must be properly certified.  Be extra careful when walking and treading construction sites. Some workers trip on cables and cords and suffer from accidents that can otherwise be prevented with extra attention and care. Ensure proper lighting in the work area.

You must erect and put scaffolds properly. Install them on sound footing. Make sure that the base of the scaffold is stable. Scaffolds must also have safety rails and must be accessed using a ladder. Many accidents occur on poorly installed scaffolds. Inspect all equipment like cranes and rigging equipment before all operations. Make sure they are all in good working condition. Make sure that the people installing and inspecting equipment are competent and certified. When there are wet and slippery areas, clean up and address the situation immediately.

Replace all damaged cords and equipment immediately. Tag them as defective to avoid using them again. Make sure you do not load too much equipment on scaffolds. Take note of their capacity to avoid overloading. Have a list of all hazardous substances and label their containers. Keep ladders and other heavy equipment at least 10 feet away from electric sources and power lines.There should be a first aid kit in the construction site to treat minor injury.

Construction workers must make sure that they take extra precaution in their job sites. In case there are problems on the construction site like broken ladders and floor openings, you must inform your supervisors immediately to address the problem.

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