The most used and the most rumored field of medicine is physiotherapy and everyone would definitely accept that. It is because there are many myths surrounding the practice and the clinics not trying to knowledge the people about them. As a result, these myths have spread around the world and most people believe them as true. This article is an effort to show that physiotherapy Brampton has many benefits and the common myths are not true. If you get any doubts after reading the information, then contact us through Facebook or Yellow pages.

Common Myths That Surround The Practice Of Physiotherapy

Myth #1: Physiotherapy is only for those in pain


Therapy is no doubt aimed to treat pain but it is not exclusive for it. Another major aspect of therapy is healing, which is more difficult than tending to pain. It is in the healing sessions where the therapist has to work hard to realize the potential of the patient and administer a cure based on the body reflexes. In addition, physiotherapy deals with stiffness of joints, imbalance of the body, migraines, health conditions, weakness of the muscles, etc. know more about us and you will realize that physiotherapy is an excellent way to treat numerous conditions that do not have sufficient answers in conventional medicinal methods.

Myth #2: Physiotherapy is nothing but exercises

Absolutely wrong

Physiotherapy is about making sure that injuries or pains or accidents do not stop the regular life of an individual. Exercises are only a part of the therapy and other forms such as massages, neuro-dynamics, joint mobilization, cryotherapy, heat therapy, electric stimulation and so many are used during treatment. This can be observed in any physiotherapy clinic in Brampton and every therapist would use multiple methods that will include exercises but do not confine only to exercises.

Myth #3: Scanning is essential before approaching a physiotherapist

Not always

X-rays or MRI scans are preferred by therapists to understand the depth or intensity of the problem. However, it is not a prerequisite for the individual who wants to get physiotherapy Brampton. It is really important to rush to the clinic whenever there is an injury and not stop for scanning as primary treatment should be done before thinking of major issues. Once the rehabilitation process starts all the scans that are needed can be taken within the facility. Remember that the therapist will diagnose the condition and prefers using only certain scans that are absolutely essential to know about the patient. Therefore, do not think that scanning is a prerequisite.

Myth #4: A referral from a doctor is necessary to consult a physiotherapist

Wrong again

A physiotherapist is not locked inside a chamber and the doctor does not hold the key to open the chamber. Every physiotherapy clinic in Brampton is open for those who seek new and better healing methods. A doctor refers a therapist in case he or she feels that therapy is the best way to take care of a health condition. Other than that, there is no need to think of a doctor before going to consult a therapist. Sometimes, the therapist may perform some sessions under the surveillance of a physician because of the complicated procedures and requirement of assistance.

Now that you know that myths are just ‘myths’, do make sure to spread the word and help evolve physiotherapy into a practical subject rather than mythical subject.