Running a pub is one of those businesses people dream of starting up, and some of them go so far as leaving their old career behind in order to make it happen. It can be an enjoyable and rewarding way to have your own business, but it can also be difficult to succeed and it’s important to make sure you do things right. There are a few mistakes that new pub owners commonly make. Taking extra care from the outset to avoid these errors can help you to establish your business and take your first steps on the road to success.

Overworking your Staff

Staff are one of your most valuable assets. While you may want to keep staff numbers to a minimum during the early days while your pub is still working hard to attract custom and establish itself, but make sure they aren’t spread too thin. Working in a pub can be an enjoyable job, but it can also be hectic and exhausting. Overworked staff will not perform at their best and are more likely to make mistakes when juggling multiple tasks (and multiple tasks will have to be juggled almost constantly during busy times). They will also be less pleasant and friendly with the customers, and the pub industry is one where a smiling face behind the bar can make the difference between success and failure.

Common Mistakes Made By Pubs

Poor Drink Selection

A poor drink selection could easily be one that is too wide as one that is too narrow. Offering a good selection of drinks is a good way to attract an equally broad selection of customers, but it is possible to go too far. This is especially true in the early days of running your pub. The key is to strike a balance, as offering too few drinks will make it less likely that your customers will find what they want but offering too many can make your menu hard to navigate and sap your funds in the early stages of your business before you know what is likely to sell well.

It’s a good idea to start with a healthy but moderate selection in core categories and build from there according to customer demand. Make absolute sure you don’t neglect soft drinks, which in these days of designated drivers and non-drinkers coming along for social reasons these are just as important as alcoholic beverages. Look into a specialist draught soft drinks supplier such as to provide a good-quality soft drink selection.

Half-hearted Food

Most pubs today most definitely do food, to the point of being a miniature restaurant. However much you want to preside over a bar, it is a real mistake to approach the catering aspect half-heartedly. Food is a major component of today’s pub, and one of the most important ways to bring people through the door. A lot of people come for the food and buy drinks secondarily, and during the daytime this will probably be your main source of custom as the ‘liquid lunch’ has died out among businessmen. Get the food right, and your pub will stand a much better chance of success.