The life, politics, economics are changeable. Nevertheless, Greece is a country, where everything is in the right order. The most popular phrase that never dies is: Let’s go to drink coffee! If you want to feel yourself comfortable, you should realize the sense of the everyday coffee ceremony. First of all, the Greeks drink coffee any time they want. You can have coffee even at night or late evening, no matter. Secondly, the Greeks drink coffee few times a day. If you are communicative person, you can drink coffee with your friends and go to have coffee to another cafe repeatedly. This is a normal practice here.

Do you think that Greeks cannot make a good coffee at home? You are wrong. All locals have all they need to make a good coffee. Why don’t you drink coffee at home for free? Oh, in such a way they cannot say that they go to drink coffee then.

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What is the Difference between Local Cafes?

Hire the car in Athens and go to visit different cafes one by one. What is the difference?

If you can see the big cafe with the admirable view from the terrace, the prices must be high and the coffee is not good there. Never ask for the real Greek coffee that needs much attention and special skills. It is enough for you to order coffee from the coffee machine.

If there are many people in the cafe, the coffee is cheap.

If the cafe is specialized in making nothing but coffee, it means that the taste of coffee is great.

If you come to the coffee and pastry bar, be ready to pay much. Of course, the price for coffee is not high but you cannot control yourself from buying pastry. Local pastry looks great!

If you can see the aged men among the cafe visitors, this is the cafenio. This is a kind of cafe that welcomes mostly male visitors. They come to talk, drink coffee and discuss something important for hours. If you can see the female visitors in the cafenio, they are mostly tourists.

Choosing the Best Coffee

You can like or do not like coffee, this is your choice. One way or another, you should also try elliniko – famous Greek coffee. The coffee is made in the hot sand. The recipe is unique, borrowed from the Turkish coffee specialists. You should take the fine-ground coffee and sugar according to your taste: sketo( with no sugar), metrio (medium sweet drink) or glico (sweet).

Before you start tasting good ellinko, try to enjoy its aroma. Traditionally, ellinko is served in the cooper glass-holders on the cooper saucers. What is more, you can get the tasty jam and locum in addition to your coffee. You should drink it slowly, for an hour or more. There is another popular Greek drink – frappe. You can try it in its classic variant – froth coffee, ice, water and straw. Frappe is mostly the summer drink. Frappe for locals is not just the coffee but the way of life. Greeks prefer drinking hot coffee in the cold weather. It is called the nes coffee.

Frappe time

If you want to try something special from the coffee machine like Americano, you should try galliko coffee, so-called cafe filtry. If you want to drink something for energy, you are recommended to try fredo espresso. This is a cold espresso with the foam and strong energetic effect.

Greek Cafes

All Greek cafes boast the main attractive feature: you can stay in the cafe for long. You are always welcomed to stay at the cafe table with your coffee as much time as you need. From the moment you came into the cafe, you are the most welcomed guest. No one will hurry you up. This is an important part of Greek service which is famous all over the world.

The second important characteristic of the Greek cafes is additional order. It means that whatever you ordered, you will always have a glass of icy water and the plate of cookies or candies. Oh, do not worry! The food is free. As a rule the standard price for coffee is about 2-5 EUR. Locals like to go drinking coffee few times a day.


Morning Sales

This is another reason why Greeks visit cafes for coffee. It is a very pleasant thing to visit the nearest cafe before 10 a.m. and get your morning sales. The sale is about 50%! It is pretty big! There is the only one difficulty: it is impossible to find a free table in the cafe, especially if the coffee is good. Never be lazy to get up early in the morning.

Regular Client

It is enough to visit the cafe for 3-4 times to be the regular client, especially if the cafe is pretty small. So, you may have additional treats, sales or free dinner from time to time. Greeks like their regular clients and always welcome them. What is more, it is very pleasant to be the regular client in the Greek cafe.

Sweet Attractions

All cafes try to attract more and more clients every day and every season. They are very enthusiastic in their creativity. Of course, the visitors are offered to try a bit of cake or ice cream for free. It can be anything, even a little candy. It was a great idea to welcome all visitors with the cup of hot coffee when the weather is cold. All visitors like such a hot compliment. Actually, you can get the compliment not only in the cafes but different city shops and restaurants. They attract visitors by offering a small present to everyone: souvenir, candy, something new from the menu.

Of course, not all local cafes give the presents to their visitors. Nevertheless, the service of giving presents is very popular all over the city, especially in the old cafes and souvenir or food shops. It makes you feel happy.