Cloud-based CRM is an advanced IT tool which has recently become quite widespread among companies of all sizes. Cloud technologies present a complex management system for marketing, sales and business processes automation.

Bpm’online is a major provider of business IT solutions based on cloud technologies. It offers unique web system, which combines CRM and business process automation tools and has no competitors in CIS. The company’s philosophy is to develop advanced IT models aimed at making your business activities efficient, pro-active and target-based.

Bpm’online CRM products ( help to implement hundreds of business solutions for various industries – from retail and banking to legal and telecommunications. The company has successfully cooperated with the world’s most reputable businesses and has received multiple professional awards.

The main feature of Bpm’online’s configuration is the extensive use of cloud CRM solutions ( So, what cloud-based CRM is and how businesses can benefit from it.

CRM: Basic Notion

In the age of increasing global competition, customer loyalty is one of the main driving forces of any business. Hence, making your customers (both existing and potential) satisfied is a wise goal that can be used in parallel with setting competitive prices, delivering high-quality products and services.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a concept, which aims at improving company’s relations with its customers in order to boost business performance. CRM implies detailed and regular analysis of all customer relations – how the clients respond to your offers, are they satisfied with the quality of your after-sale service, do their preferences change with time etc.

Cloud-based CRM: Main Advantages

Cloud-based CRM (or, simply, cloud CRM) is a specific term which is used when all CRM software, data and tools reside in the cloud. The biggest advantage of this system is that there is no need to deploy an in-house server – all the data can be easily accessed from the Internet browser. Moreover, you and your team members can view the necessary information even when they are out of the office – from their tablets and other mobile devices.

When it comes to CRM, cloud technologies have many more advantages:

  • Great flexibility. The system is universal enough to fit both small and big companies from any business area but at the same time it can be tailored to reflect the specific needs of your company.
  • Simple installation and maintenance. Unlike premise-bound servers, cloud data storage needs much less time to be deployed.
  • Fewer costs. With the help of cloud CRM you will be able to save on hardware and server maintenance costs and there is no need for full-time IT specialists. There are no hidden costs and the only costs is a monthly CRM package fees.
  • Outstanding security levels. When the data is stored in non-material format, it is almost invulnerable. Cloud storages are protected with top-notch multi-level technologies and ensure data non-disclosure.

Bpm’online Cloud CRM Opportunities

Cloud-based CRM

Bpm’online has created a unique platform that features multiple business options and can be integrated with other customer software. The main goal of the platform is to import, sort and analyze all the relevant information that is used while taking business decisions and improving the company’s performance. All these processes are conducted in a quick, easy and intuitive way.

Here are the main options that bpm’online cloud platform has:

  • Customer data management, including history of relations with your company, personal preferences, Facebook and Twitter activity. You will get access to vast information which can (directly or indirectly) affect the customers’ attitude towards the company.
  • Potential clients’ data management. Data collection, incoming requests, processing and importing data from various websites will let you create a unique database with all the necessary information on the most probable potential clients.
  • Marketing tools. The system enables target audience segmentation, budgeting, calculation of return on investment and feedback tracking. Besides, there are opportunities for organizing e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • Time management. The system takes care of your mail, phone calls and tasks, arranging your interaction with clients and partners according to set priority. You will receive notifications about meetings, corporate news and even travel visa status. Thus, you will be able to stay informed about the most important things without getting distracted from current activities.
  • Sales management. Performance control, sales analytics and information about the competitors’ actions are among main options that Bpm’online offers.
  • Detailed analytics. You will have access to the real-time reports about the company’s current performance including sales volumes, accounts etc.
  • Corporate social network will animate the in-house communication and improve the employees’ involvement.
  • Mobile app enables fast and easy access to any customer information even in case of the absence of Internet connection.

Bpm’online is a comprehensive and innovative configuration which enables efficient cloud CRM and automation for all types of businesses.

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