Tiny bathrooms are tough to decorate. On the one hand, this type of bathroom are not much functional, and no one likes being cramped. On the other hand, because of their size, you save money on materials. However, if you have a super small bathroom that needs to be redecorated, I need to say that you are on the right destination. I have rounded up some clever bathroom design tips to make a tiny bathroom functional.

  • Use a shower curtain

A glass door that moves in and out is not an ideal solution for your limited space. So, I advise you to go with a shower-tub and a curtain that moves back and forth. There are so many beautiful curtains designs that can make your space look more interesting and inviting.

If you find the curtains old-fashioned, you should go with a glass panel instead of a glass shower door. It will free up needed elbow room and will keep most of the water in the shower.

  • Install a corner sink

Sometimes even a pedestal sink can make the space look cramped. So, if you want to move freely you better place a corner sink across from the toilet than a sink across from the shower. Choose a sink design with one shelf to store a basket with toilet paper, towels or other small items.

  • Float the vanity

By mounting your bathroom vanity above the floor, you will make the bathroom appear bigger and you will free up some space. You can use this space to store toilet paper, towels or beauty products.

Clever Design Tips To Make A Tiny Bathroom Functional

  • Use a wall-mounted faucet

Wall-mounted faucets allow for narrower vanity or sink, which in turn free up square footage in the whole bathroom design. Such faucets look great in both traditional and modern bathrooms, so don’t be afraid to incorporate it in your tiny space.

  • Mount the towel bar on the door

Mount a towel bar on the door and you will have the towels on hand always.

Clever Design Tips To Make A Tiny Bathroom Functional

  • Use a large-scale pattern

Large-scale patterns, like wide stripes can trick the eye and make your bathroom feel much spacious and comfy.

  • Extend the counter over the toilet

This idea is ideal for small bathrooms, as it creates extra space for a few needed items. The look is clean and minimalist and the toilet placement is not affected.

  • Expand the mirror
If you want to make this limited space more functional, you can place a large mirror on the wall – so that two people can use it at once.

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