Clenbuterol is one of the most commonly used steroids especially women. This trend was started by female celebrities like Victoria Beckham etc. As age advances your body changes and to still have the toned and svelte figure is very difficult. Far more so in the case of women who tend to have phases of change in their weight due to pregnancy, menopause, hormonal imbalances, thyroid, PCOS etc.When you are in the public eye such as celebrities, they have to maintain their looks and body type or get body shaming. To get certain roles in films, endorsements etc. Certain body type people are selected. Hence the pressure to always look good will make them take the help of clen – lower dosage used in femaleswhich is the magic pill to shed some quick weight.

Losing fat and replacing it with lean muscle is hard work. It all depends how n your metabolism rate, the lifestyle, the food you eat and the amount of exercise you get. Clen helps in getting the lean muscle if you set the above right in a quicker way.

How clen helps women

Studies have shown that women genetically store more fats in their body. And it is extremely difficult for them to control their fluctuating weight. Even if they tried hard to lose the fat, they gained it back faster than men.

The most troubling areas of fat accumulation for women are hips, belly, thighs and face. The belly fat is the most troublesome of all as it’s the hardest to get rid of and any amount of exercise and diet will be of little use to get rid of it. Here clen comes to the rescue. It is a pill which cuts through beefy fat and gets you the washboard abs that you craved for.

How clen is used

Clen lower dosage used in females is very useful to get rid of fat and help gain muscle in both men and women. The same cycles are followed but with different dosages. It is always a lower dosage for women who want to use clen. These lower dosages are sufficient for the women to lose weight and gain some lean muscle in the process.

Though it is banned in sporting activities and is not a legal in many countries being a non prescription drug. Women have to procure it online with extreme care of getting the right clen for weight loss purposes.

It helps to burn the fat, by increasing the temperature where in the metabolic rate thereby promoting only the muscle to gain. It also prevents the muscle loss in the burning of fat. This helps in maintaining and also increasing the muscles in the body.

10mcg is an ideal dosage for women to begin with in their weight loss schedule. Increasing the dosage to 80mcg, but more than that could cause harmful effects on the body.

Side effects of clen

Continuous use of clen can cause tissue growth around the walls of the heart making it difficult to pump blood and increase the chances of stroke.