Travertine is a type of limestone made by mineral or hot spring deposits. It is used to put on floors, on bathroom walls, on kitchen back-splash areas and around fireplaces. While it is pretty to look at, some people find the porous material difficult to clean without the right substances and methods. Liquids and dirt can easily enter the porous stone and cause discoloration that is hard to remove without the correct cleaning products and methods. It is also important to maintain travertine properly to ensure it lasts for decades and keeps its appealing look. Since travertine is a delicate type of natural stone, only use cleaning products that are designed for it. Follow these tips to keep travertine clean and looking great.

Cleaning And Maintaining Travertine - Vital Tips For Cleaning Stains Off Travertine

Cleaning Fresh Stains On Travertine

If something spills on the travertine, do not wipe the spill in a back-and-forth motion. This only spreads the spilled substance onto other parts of the porous material. Use a dry paper towel, a soft sponge or a cloth to gently blot up the spill. For some substances, it is possible to remove the residue and discoloration right away with warm water and a sponge. If this method does not work, use a natural stone cleaner that is designed for delicate stone. Follow the directions on the container. Use a gentle brush that is designed for natural stone. Always reseal the floor after cleaning it to help prevent future stains from spills.

Cleaning Old Stains On Travertine

People may inherit a beautiful travertine floor or fireplace when they buy a home. Some people may also neglect proper cleaning of the stone for a long time. When travertine is not maintained properly, it is difficult to clean. Stains from metal containers, fireplace soot, dirt and neglected food spills are common reasons for long-lasting discoloration. Travertine may also become etched by abrasive substances. When it has stains or appears dull from light etching, it is important to clean it properly and restore its beauty. Use a natural stone stain remover first with a stone brush. Clean the floor with a natural stone cleaner. After doing this, be sure to seal the travertine to protect it.

How To Maintain Travertine

There is no specific time frame for regular cleaning of travertine. How often it should be cleaned depends on how often it comes into contact with foot traffic, food or soot. For travertine that sees daily contact, monthly or bi-monthly cleaning and sealing is a good idea. If the travertine is in a room that is rarely used, it will only need occasional cleaning and resealing. One of the most important tips to remember for keeping travertine looking nice is to avoid contact with any type of acid. If acid is spilled on the stone, a professional will have to grind it and re-polish it. Avoid cleaning travertine with lemon juice, vinegar, ammonia or any store-bought chemicals. Do not use heat or pressure to clean it. If there is grout, only use cleaner that is designed for natural stone to clean it.

The overall idea to remember for cleaning and maintaining travertine is to clean up spills immediately, to clean the travertine as necessary and to always reseal it after cleaning.

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