Claw Pump Is Highly Useful In The Industrial Domain

claw type vacuum pumps

Claw pumps are highly useful in the industrial sector and they are used for a number of operations. The main role of a claw pump is to create air volume in the desired manner and then transfer it with the help of intake duct to the outlet duct. The entire process is completed by means of rotation that happens between the claw-shaped rotors which are placed in a molded chamber.

The rotation that happens is basically contactless and the process is synchronized with the help of powerful gears. Thus there is no use of lubricant as such and there is also an advantage that no residue will be formed during the rotation process. However, the gear wheels may require lubrication after some time to ensure smooth operation.

The Function of The Claw Pump

As far as the practical applicability of claw pumps is considered in the industrial segment, it can be said that they are used as vacuum pumps and compressors in a comprehensive manner. Generally, the two claw-shaped rotors will usually turn in the opposite direction so that the air can be easily sucked in and can be later on discharged in a compressed form. The main thing about rotors is that they do not come in contact with each other and not even with the cylinder which is the base structure in which they are rotating.

Claw pump thus acts like a very consistent, efficient, reliable and effective system. It offers high pumping speed and tight clearances between the claw rotors and the optimization of the housing help a lot in achieving the desired results. For the purpose of synchronization, there is a gearbox that ensures that everything works in sync while the claw rotors are functioning.

Variants in Claw Pumps 

Based on the specific industrial requirements the claw pumps may be different. They are available in different sizes and styles. Some industries prefer to get customized claw pumps based on their specific requirements. Generally, the main part of a claw pump is its motor so it should be efficient so that the claw pump can work without any interruption.

If claw pumps are used with frequency controlled drives then they prove to be really ideal for carrying out a number of operations. When it comes to performing special applications, there are different types of claw pumps that can be found in the market for the steam industry, for gas tightening, for protecting gas and dust explosion, contents that are highly oxidized, etc. Thus different industrial sectors may need different types of claw pumps as per their suitability.

Why are Claw Pumps Preferred? 

Claw pumps are preferred by the industrial enterprises because these are far better than the other types of pumps and are very effective in handling multiple types of operations. Their maintenance cost is very low and offers 100% duty cycle. The initial costs may be a bit expensive but the overall cost would be worth the investment. That is why there is great demand for such item in the industrial world.

Industries that Cannot Operate Without Claw Pump

For many industries, claw pumps are the prerequisite necessary machine for accomplishing their different tasks in a smooth manner. Some sectors that highly need claw pumps are chemical industries, aeration and gas compression sector, medical sector, packaging and printing industry, woodwork industry, dust extraction industry, industrial furnace manufacturing sector and other such enterprises.


In the end, it can be said that the role of claw pump cannot be underestimated in any way. However, one should always buy these pumps from reputed brands as they can expect a really good life for these devices. Claw pumps that come with a sufficient warranty period should be preferred and save a lot of money in a  long run.

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