There’s a lot more to dry cleaning than initial glances reveal. Laundry is one thing, you hand over your clothes, have them go through the washer and that’s it. However it’s not every day that you go to the dry cleaner; and for that matter, not everything is handed over. Your wedding dress, business suit, uniform or that jacket you saved up for; these are all prized possessions not to be taken lightly.

Deciding on a good Alta Loma dry cleaning service is no different from any other region. The bases needing clearing are the same. The objective here is to not only ensure the best quality but also minimize any risks. Read on and pick a tip or two on reading the signs suggestive of a good dry cleaning service.

Choosing The Right Alta Loma Dry Cleaning Service

Business Reputation

Reputation is a key factor of a business. This shouldn’t be inferred as imposing the need for becoming brand conscious. Basically, reputation implies a good standing with customers; local and walk-ins. Hence when you decide on a reputable service (meaning good ratings online), you can be assured your belongings are in safe hands.

Checking with the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau can be your best friend when it comes to checking on legit businesses. They have a directory of businesses which adhere to certain quality standards. This means that; if the business you’ve decided upon is listed with them, you can be assured of guarantees such as refunds (in case of unsatisfactory work), trials and so on.

Business Policies

Going over the policy won’t be a bad idea either. It is possible an undesirable clause or two are present there. Rather be safe than sorry; you don’t want to find yourself in a situation because of your own fault.


You can also look for specialist dry cleaners. Sometimes the material of your clothing requires extra attention, something only a pro can offer. Chaffey Cleaners is one option when you’re around the Alta Loma area. Dry cleaning specifications is their specialty.

Customer Service

Lastly, don’t overlook the importance of good customer service. While big machines and a fancy front office may bedazzle you with the bells and whistles, there’s no telling when an accident occurs. Good customer service means the company will try to make amends rather than providing you a sympathetic look and whisking your clothes into the basket.

Chaffey Cleaners is one, among many, such business which fulfills the requirements for a noteworthy dry cleaning service. Out of the many reviews that they have received so far; the average rating gives them a five-star rank; and that is saying something. Customers have praised the service for not only immaculate work but also on-time as well as urgent deliveries. Apart from cleaning, they also do minor alterations should the need for it arise.

Chaffey Cleaners is the company to consider. They offer services such as dry cleaning, laundry, suede/ leather cleaning and so on. They also have discounts on purchases above certain amounts as well.