You may take great pride in keeping the floors of your business clean and intact. You do not want to risk them being scuffed, torn up, or gouged.

However, you may also still have to use certain equipment that must be rolled or pulled over the surfaces of your floors. You can safeguard your floors while still using important office equipment by using parts like axles, brakes, and caster wheels made from soft but durable materials.

Selecting the Right Kind of Wheel Material

The type of caster that you choose to use on your office equipment may depend on the type of flooring you are hoping to protect. For example, if you just installed expensive and beautiful new wood floors, you may not want to risk them being gouged by wheels that are made out of razor thin stainless steel. The steel could scrape and carve the wood that you have just installed.

Instead, you might want casters that are made out of thick and durable yet soft rubber. The rubber will glide across the glossed wood and avoid gouging down below the surface of the floor. You can still use your office equipment without fear of damaging the floors.

Likewise, if you just installed fluffy and soft carpeting in your business, you may want want wheels that are made out of sharp metal that can slice the carpet fibers. In this instance, it may benefit you to choose wheels made out of sturdy plastic. The plastic is smooth so that it will not tear into the carpeting. However, it also will glide effortlessly across the floor.

In some instances, however, you may need wheels made out of durable stainless steel and metal. In particular, when you have concrete floors in your business, you need wheels that can tolerate that kind of surface. Metal will not be chipped away at by concrete like plastic and rubber.

Metal may also be the better choice if you need your office equipment to bear a lot of weight. Thinner materials like plastic or vinyl can buckle under significant amounts of weight. Metal can tolerate heavy amounts without warping or bending.

You may need to take into consideration the type of flooring you have when you shop for wheels, casters, and other parts for your office equipment. You can find a wide selection of materials when you shop online.