Weight is a very important factor when choosing bowling balls, as it will contribute to your strike rate and change the way you play for the better.

With bowling recently celebrating its 55th anniversary in the UK, the focus on this sport has grown and an increasing number of players are flocking to local establishments to have some fun. For many the bowling bug bites quickly and there is even a campaign to take the sport to the Olympics.

Although playing with a bowling alley’s balls is ideal for beginners, many players decide to purchase their own balls in an effort to up their game. When selecting a ball the weight is important and it is essential that you get it just right to enjoy optimum results.

Steer Clear of Balls that are Too Heavy

The heaviest bowling ball weighs in at 16lb, whilst the lightest is usually around 6lb. Within this 10lb range there is a ball that is perfect for every player. Selecting a ball that is too heavy can have negative consequences and can even lead to injury, as the strain you will be putting on your arm or back may be too intense.

Many players think that the heavier the ball, the more powerful their strike. Whilst in theory this is correct, you won’t have control over a ball that is too heavy. Although your first strike may make a huge impact, the subsequent ones will not follow through.

Avoid Balls that are Too Light

A very light ball may allow impressive speeds but you shouldn’t be able to hurl a ball far and fast with no control. A light ball thrown too fast can be hazardous and is certainly not considered correct sporting etiquette.

If you are intentionally bowling with a ball that is too light, you may have a few good strikes; however, after a while your strike rate will reduce. If you purchase your bowling balls from Petesproshop you will be able to choose from a range of options designed to suit all preferences and can easily find a weight that is perfect for you.

A ball of the right weight will provide balance to your game, ensure that your arm does not tire too quickly and make sure that every strike is as powerful as possible.