The cosmetic surgeon you choose will have an irreversible effect on you for lifetime. Hence the choice of the surgeon should not be taken lightly. Even though cosmetic surgeries may not be life saving or life threatening surgeries, there is still no scope for mistakes. While a successful surgery will get you feeling more confident of yourself, a small mistake might put you down and create a lot of complications. The choice of the cosmetic surgeon is the most important one to consider if you are opting for a cosmetic surgery. Below are a few tips to help you choose the right cosmetic surgeon.

Look for Board Certifications and Licenses

A surgeon has to be licensed in order to conduct surgeries including cosmetic surgeries. You can find out about the licenses either from the website or by calling the reception in the clinic where the surgeon works. In addition to the licenses, a board certification will help in narrowing your choices. The government licensing authority does not usually issue separate licenses for different fields of surgeons. Hence if you choose a surgeon who is part of the board of cosmetic surgeons, you are more likely to find a surgeon who is passionate and experienced in cosmetic surgery.

Look at the Surgeon’s Experience

In the world of cosmetic surgery, experience matters a lot. Each of the surgeries is different and requires different approaches. There are many forms of cosmetic surgery and not all the cosmetic surgeries are performed on face. Instead of looking at the overall experience of the surgeon, you should consider the experience the surgeon has in performing similar procedures. Cosmetic surgeons will mostly be able to provide you with before and after photos of patients they have performed surgeries on. You can check out these photos to gain an insight on the surgeon’s experience.

Choose The Right Cosmetic Surgeon

Surgery Facility

The clinic in which the surgery will happen is one of the most important factors. Most surgeons have affiliations with one or more clinics. You can ask your doctor for information on the facilities available in the clinic. You can also pay a direct visit to the clinic to see for yourself how the clinic is maintained and the facilities available for cosmetic surgery patients. There are many beauty clinics in Dubai and your choice should be made after considering many important factors. If you want to undergo a procedure which requires you to become an in-patient and spend a few days at the clinic, you should make sure the clinic maintains a high level of hygiene and all the required facilities are present. You should pay attention to pre surgery care and post surgery care procedures maintained at the clinic. You can also ensure that the facility is licensed and properly equipped for surgeries. If your surgery requires you to be under anesthesia, you should also look at the anesthetist employed by the clinic. When in doubt, you can ask your surgeon or the clinic about details of your anesthetist and his qualifications.


For any successful relationship, communication is pivotal. It is more so in doctor patient relationships. You should be able to communicate positively with your surgeon. The surgeon should be willing to listen to your requirements and explain any queries in understandable terms without trivializing them. While you might be tempted to choose a surgeon your friend recommends, it is essential that you have an initial consultation and ensure you can communicate freely with your surgeon. It is important that the doctor understands your goals for undergoing the surgery.

Consider The Cost

The cost of your surgery might depend on the procedure you choose and the surgeon you choose. You can ask your surgeon for the price before finalizing on the procedure. Make sure that you are clear what is included in the cost and what is not.