Looking for the top rated kids scooters? You’ve come to the right website. Here you’ll find the  detailed buyer guides on how to choose the perfect scooter for your child!

Kids just love to ride on their bikes and scooters and they are especially fond of riding electric scooters. Whether it is for zipping around the neighborhood or scooting to school, the electric scooter provides an environmentally-friendly and fun mode of transportation.

Electric scooters for kids are especially designed for children ages 7 and over. They are petite in size and have easy to control handles. Some electric scooters not only have hand brakes but foot brakes as well. These are definitely safer choices compared to ones with only one option. Unlike the bicycle, an electric scooter is very simple to master and hardly requires any prior training.

On this post  you’ll find a short buyer’s guide with relevant information that will help you find the right kids electric scooter for your child. If you’re looking to buy an kids electric scooter fast, do remember to check out my personal list of the best scooters for kids on the market right now.

Expert Buyer’s Guide to Choose Kids Electric Scooters

Things to be Considered

The electric scooter has two wheels positioned in a single file, so some initial practice on getting the right footing and minor balancing is needed. However, the learning curve for electric scooters is small and there is little chance of your child falling. The motions are pretty basic – just kick and paddle for starters and it will cruise along effortlessly afterwards.

  1. Electric scooters designed for kids in mind are rugged and tough. Good electrical scooters have frames that are usually made of high tension steel and aluminum. These superbly hardy material makes the scooter’s frame unbreakable and highly durable. Kids electric scooters come in different voltages which affect its performance and speed. A regular 100 watt scooter allows your kid to travel at 10-15 miles an hour which is a safer for younger kids.
  1. 250 – 300 watts electric scooters can travel faster at 15-23 miles per hour. The number of batteries does affect the level of battery maintenance. The more the batteries, the lesser the maintenance needed. Each manufacturer will state the amount of miles it can cover per charge but generally a high the battery voltage equates to a longer distance capacity.
  1. Another thing to consider when selecting an electric scooter for your kid is the seated or standing design. This will boil down to your child’s personal preference. It is usually the case for athletic children to prefer standing type electric scooters. Some scooters also have removable seats which allow your child to choose between seated or non seated options.
  1. Foldable electric scooters are a popular choice for children who scoot to school as these can be conveniently stow away in the locker. Electric scooters also come in various designs- some of them appeal to different genders while others are more unisex. Be sure to think about your child’s personality before deciding on one!

Where Should You Buy Kids Electric Scooters?

Wal-Mart, Target and other major department stores all sell kids electric scooters. Toys r Us and other specialty toy stores will sell them as well. However, I have noticed that the prices on Amazon.com are quite often cheaper than retail stores. Yes, you read that right.

Many times I’ve found that Amazon.com has great discounts for electric scooters, which can save you well over $40…not to mention that free shipping is often included. This is especially the case during the holiday or shopping season. Another thing I also like about buying kids electric scooters online is the convenience and cost/time savings. You can save money on parking/gas and save time by avoiding the need to go down to the mall and pick up the scooter yourself.

I’ve been buying kids electric scooters for several years and never had a problem with shipping or delivery. Maybe I’m really lucky but every scooter I bought arrived in perfect condition and within a week or so too. Amazon also has a GREAT assortment of electric scooters for kids as well. Apart from the usual Razor electric scooters, there are several other superb scooter brands as well.

In short, I highly recommend choosing Amazon because they are a reliable online retailer with excellent competitive prices, a diverse product range and delivery guarantees.

Final Words

There are many different electric scooters for kids but not all of them are worth buying. Some kids electric scooters are poorly designed and don’t last for very long so you should avoid choosing them. Read detailed reviews for top rated scooters and make your decision.