Marketing management strategy is driven by the customer is one issue for every hospital or other health care organizations. Less successful marketing of them due to the lack of hospitals in favor of the interests of the client. Because of what has been conveyed when the market often does not correspond with what the client obtained on the fact, and will create an image that is not good for the hospital. This, one of them because hospitals tend to seek profit only so much attention to the commercial aspect. As a result, the patient (hereinafter referred to as clients), which in turn are often disadvantaged. This is because the client does not have a strong bargaining position.

It is common knowledge and we often hear complaints that people are not satisfied on the health services they receive, both from doctors and hospitals. Complaint diverse. Some are due to the doctor often late with clients, even to his client died. There are patients who have to stand in line and wait their turn to be called up for hours. For the economically disadvantaged, dissatisfaction with the poor quality of health, whether they received from doctors and hospitals, often accepted with resignation. While it is for the rich, discontent over such services, was enough to give them a reason to go to the doctor or hospital abroad despite having a cost much higher. The tendency of people who can afford today, who go for treatment abroad, or for disadvantaged communities seeking alternative treatment. An indicator of the decline in confidence in the conventional healthcare.

With the increasingly critical of today’s society with the services received, and increasing competition in the free market era, demands a lot of things in health care must be addressed, particularly in marketing is more focused on increasing client satisfaction so as to create a positive image in the community. for example in China, Health Market is growing in China because in China they prioritize the patient’s condition. Due to the advancement and improving quality of life will change the size and quality of health care providers. Everything was originally desired and considered sufficient, on the stage and the next period of time may be considered inadequate and unsatisfactory. Such symptoms by human nature and universal to be aware as a sign to continue to improve the performance and quality of service.

Marketing strategy in the health services in hospitals in the health of the hospital is a set of goals, objectives and policies and rules that give direction to the marketing efforts from time to time in each level and location. The market for a product or healthcare services in hospitals is very broad, so that a company or health services in hospitals are not so easy to enter the market are so large and if at the odds of success are very small, especially for the opening of new businesses a broad market need to be disaggregated to facilitate the company in its marketing activities.

In sifting through the market activity is known as market segmentation. Market segmentation will provide convenience to health services in the hospital / company in determining the target market or consumer to be addressed. Market segmentation and can be done based on the geography, demography, psychology, or based on behavior. After doing market segmentation so the next step is to determine the target market (targeting). Activity determination of this target market after market segmented into several sections.

Determination of the target market should be done with a variety of considerations in accordance with the ability of health care in hospitals. So it must be done carefully, because if it would be a fatal miscalculation of risk will be borne. In conducting the determination of the target market starting from the evaluation of the existing segment, and then will be the selection of segments that are considered eligible. The last step is to establish the market position (positioning). Positioning the market to do anyway carefully with thorough consideration. Market positioning can be done on the basis of attributes, use the opportunity, the chance of users, product class, or directly against its rival.

Determination of the position of the market for the products or services of a company / health services in the hospital is very important. Determining the position of the market is determining the competitive position of a product or a market. Health care products or services is positioned at the position desired by the client, so as to attract clients to use, buy products / services offered. This activity is performed after determining which segments will be entered by determining where the position which wants to be occupied in the segment.


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