This is all about a formula recently discovered and hit the market. This formula is used for purifying water and to keep the water bodies clean. This is not an expert job but, a common man can do it at ease. A few drops of liquid solution extract the contaminants which are not possible to be removed by great purifying machines. There is no technology involved in it. The only thing involved in the magic is the right utilization of chemical properties of magnetic sulfate mineral. This mineral uses its magnetic property to attract all the unseen and dissolved metallic particles from the water source. Then it clumps into larger size particulates. Water is lighter than these clumps hence; it gets deposited under the water source. In front of our eyes we can see dissolved and invisible toxic contents of the water becomes insoluble and visible substance. Now we are aware of our health foe, which is distracting our health. Same test can be conducted with muddy water to separate mud from water. The pure water can be used for drinking, agricultural farming, watering plants and for cooking. Obviously water having one hundred percent purity is good for heart health, good blood circulation, overcoming hypertension, candida and to overcome diabetes.

Bottle of Water and air bubbles over white

Functions of Adya Clarity

Let us have clarity about few functions of Adya Clarity. The key content present in it is magnetic sulfate and it is good for optimizing the functions of cells. Equilibrium is established in the body as unwanted elements are eliminated from the body. The purifying solution purifies, optimizes, structures and micro clusters are formed. Water may even contain pesticides and plastic as it flows through farm lands. While flowing through agricultural lands, it carries chemicals, pesticides and plastic contents present in vegetation. Solvents, chlorine and harmful fluoride are permanently renewed from the water. It provides human body with complete spectrum of soluble elements. It detoxicates the entire body by extracting the cellular waste from tissues and cells, fluids, organs and glands. Human body stays energetic and active when cells are properly nourished. This purifying solution activates oxygen to increase assimilation of all body nutrients to feed hungry cells of body. Cellular metabolism is efficiently stimulated with the help of purifying liquid. It gives reflective hydration at cellular level. It optimizes the functions of all enzymes in human body.

All the functions are related to improvising the biological system of human body. To summarize the purifier directly acts on water and water directly improves all the systems in the body. The systems include digestive system, respiratory system, nervous system and excretory system. Healthy function of the body means to healthy and fit body.  Water supply pipes are exposed to sun and these pipes are not of good quality. They are either BPA or plastic pipes, which ha v micro melting and leakage covers. The particles melted get added to the water flowing inside the pipe. On consuming this water, the plastic contents directly enter the human body. Such particles and fluoride reduces the neurological development in small children. This danger can be overcome with the help of adya purifier. Fluoride also contributes for tooth decay.

With the use of purified water one need not worry about tooth decay. The World Health Organization has taken many measures to improve the quality of water. For what so ever reason none of the ideas taken by such organizations work out completely. To make these ideas workable too many people have to show sincere involvement. It is a chain processes a small link detached on the way disturbs the entire program. Similarly water purification involves the efforts of too many people but their efforts are not fruitful and end result is not satisfactory. The adya purifier is a single handed job, which can be performed at home hence, can aim for confirmed positive results.