Collaboration involves people with the same goal coming together and working towards achieving it. There are new technologies that have been developed to support such collaborative work, and in fact, the number of online collaborative tools has been on the rise over the past few years.

The following are 13 questions to think about before making a decision to purchase an online collaboration tool:

1) Can the management of projects be done collaboratively?

2) Can the same document be worked on by several people?

3) Is it possible to arrange video conferences online using this tool?

4) When a milestone is reached on a project, is it possible for me to get notifications about it?

5) For my shared calendar, can I hide information from it?

6) For an online meeting, is there an option for me to share my presentation with my collaborators?

7) Are the documents that are shared saved/archived?

8) Can a project be managed if the offices involved are spread across various countries?

9) Can our training materials be published online and accessed by the whole company?

10) Can customized notifications be sent to me?

11) Is training a requirement?

12) Is it possible for a corporate social network to replace the intranet?

13) Is the transfer of data governed by particular laws and regulations?

For help, read our complete project collaboration guide, the Beginner’s guide to Project Collaboration. (Download the full PDF here).