Check Out These 6 Memorable Film Graduation Speeches For A Serious Inspiration Boost

Education takes a good chunk of time in the life of a student and during this time confusion and direction form part of the student life and remains ever necessary for the achievement of success. All the ups and downs remain the driving force that enables a student to make life choices on whether to continue with their studies or put a halt before the finish line in studies.

The list of the number of memorable graduation speeches remains hard fought. The best expressions that impact significantly on the students include a proficient and well laid out pa personal statement  to allow the grandaunts connect with the speaker. Consequently, the list below sums the best graduation speeches documented in the recent past in the higher learning institutions from prominent persons.

1. Michelle Obama, Eastern Kentucky University

Michele Obama remains known to serve as the first lady of the United States during the reign of the first black American president and her speech in the Kentucky University in 2013 serves as one of the memorable quotes. The application of the need to develop pa personal statement example remains the core theme of her speech that encourages students to seek opinion and understand the people who serve on the different path from one’s career.

The overall context of the former first lady emphasizes on the need for simplicity and open-mindedness when learning from one another.

2. Jim Carrey, Maharishi University of Management

Jim Carrey’s speech during the graduation in the year 2014 gives a personal account of his attributes where self-confidence remains vital. Carrey’s statement of his father following a safe accountant job rather than his desire enlightens grandaunts to take into account their interests during education. Importantly, he stated that students need not fear failure since its inevitable.

3. J.K Rowling, Harvard Commencement Address

J. K Rowling best known for his bestseller, Harry Potter, addressed the Harvard University graduates in 2008 on the realization of their fears. The words of Rowling on that day sparked one of the most inspirational words from her accounts. She overcame depression through patience and produced an exquisite manuscript for the harry potter best seller.

4. David Foster Wallace, Kenyon Graduation Speech

David Foster speech in 2005 highlights the importance of a clear mind when undertaking undergraduate studies by the use of the swimming fish metaphor. In the instance of a personal statement for physician assistant, the career demands a lot and applying Foster’s ideology on recognition of the everyday aspects of life; the profession would not succeed. Unlike the fish, the student needs to recognize their world.

5. Ellen DeGeneres, Tulane University

Ellen’s speech in 2009 advocates for students to stay true to themselves and avoid the creation of second versions of themselves. Ellen despite being bisexual, learned from her experience to become a great standup comedian.

6. Charlie Munger, University of California Law School

Charlie’s speech in 2007 had two actionable points for students and their graduation. First, education never ended with a degree, an MBA or a Ph.D., but rather a continuous learning process. The prospective students’ had the moral duty to learn and acquire more knowledge.


The critical speech by experienced persons works towards empowering students who graduate by acting as step stones towards their careers.

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