If you have a dream of moving back to the time of majestic royalty that kings or queens used to live, then your dream can be converted into reality by traveling in luxury trains of India. These trains are run by Indian Railways. To experience your dream of living a royal life, there are around seven luxury trains in India, namely Golden Chariot, Maharaja’s Express, Palace on Wheels, Fairy Queen Express, The Deccan Odyssey, and Royal Rajasthan on Wheels. These luxury train tour in India not only offers you a great experience of matchless comfort, but also lets you explore the beautiful tourist places of India. If you are planning to enjoy your vacation in India, book your luxury train tour in India.


Luxury Train Journeys in India that can add a royal experience to your life:

  1. Maharaja’s Express: Maharaja Express is not only one of the best luxurious trains in India, but also falls under the list of the most luxurious train all across the world. This luxurious train is fairly long and has numerous professionals who offer the upmost quality of kindness, butler service, plentiful suites, fully accomplished bars and much more. Even more, this train has been awarded as the leading luxury train in the world in years 2012, 2013, and 2014. To book your tickets in this train, book it in vacation packages to India all inclusive of taxes and services.
  2. The train covers five different routes: The Heritage of India, The Indian Panorama, Treasures of India, Gems of India, and Indian Splendor.
  3. Palace on Wheel: Palace on Wheel is among the luxury trains in India that was launched again in the year 2009. The train adds up the great luxurious travel experience to your life by representing plentiful cabins, well-stashed bar, ethnicity depicted by the use of handiworks and canvass, beautiful wallpapers, and courteous hospitality. This luxury train beautifully reflects the eras of kings and their palaces. This train is considered as the 4th Best Luxurious Train in the world.
  4. Golden Chariot: If you want to explore the southern region of India, opt for the luxurious train- The Golden Chariot. It exemplifies South India in a beautiful way. The train was started in the year 2008 for giving great travel experience to the tourists. People who travel in this train become a great fan of its flawless hospitality. The train offers various five star facilities like royal interiors, spa, mini gym, bars, multi-cuisine restaurants. This train has been awarded as the leading luxury train in whole Asia. If you are searching for the vacation packages to India, don’t forget to add this train on your list of vacation packages.
  5. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels: To experience the superlative quality and luxurious services like bars, spa, multi-cuisine restaurants, a reflection of royal palaces and much more, then book tickets for the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels.

Add a different and royal experience to your travel this year by traveling in the luxurious trains of India. Make your vacation to India unforgettable by experiencing such royal experience on wheels. Book now vacation packages to India all inclusive of taxes and services with Vacation India for the quality services. what are you thinking about! Hurry up and enjoy your affordable vacation tour in India in luxurious trains of India.

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