Running a catering business is not a walk in the park. It may seem like a fun way to exhibit or showcase your culinary skills. Most of the time, however, you are on your toes making sure that things are running smoothly. Your business will only be as good as the new satisfied client that you add to your repeat client base. In order for you to be successful in this business, you need to be prepared mentally, physically and financially.

Owning and managing a catering business will bring a lot of stress and setbacks. Not all clients are cut from the same pie. You must know how to deal with different types of people and give the best service possible.

Catering Disasters How To Be Prepared

Types of Catering Disasters

There are dozens of challenges or disasters that come with the business. Catering disasters can be categorized into these two types:

  1. The unpredictable disaster or the stealth disaster.

This is the type of catering disaster that blindsides you. You never know when it’s coming and in what form. It sneaks on us and hits without notice.

  1. The avoidable disaster.

These are the disasters that you can prevent with the right mindset and preparation. This is the type of disaster that is self-inflicted and can take our reputation and money down the drain. Preventable disasters are experience-based so you will learn about them as you acquire them.

Dealing with Catering Disasters

Organization is key to a successful catering business. A precisely organized catering services is far from falling apart. You should keep tabs on everything – from loading trucks, unloading them, cleaning dishes, personnel involved and everything in between. You should not have missing pieces or crew at the last minute and wondering where they are. Everything must be planned to the last detail.

When we are hit with catastrophe, how do we respond? We of course bring out the biggest guns in our arsenal. As a caterer, you should always have a crash kit. This contains your Plan B, C, D or whichever plan will solve the catastrophe. Never go to an event without your crash kit. It is always best to prepare for the worst disaster. Use this crash kit to solve disasters that recur. Think of all the challenges during the past few caterings. What can be avoided? You’ll be surprised how a well-prepared crash kit can solve a disaster. Arm yourself with advance planning and alternatives because a well-thought off ground plan can be your business’ life raft when catering disasters strike.

Every caterer should deal with the unimaginable. Proper planning and a competent operational system can avoid or solve any catering disaster.

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