Many companies which are new to employment testing sometimes think that more is better.  More tests that mix more topics pile it on those innocent applicants. In order to test the capabilities of the applicants you don’t really need to burden them with a heavy load of tests but making a test according to the seniority of the position you are hiring for is more appropriate. Maybe companies are trying to make sure they don’t commit the same mistakes they made earlier while hiring.

Carefully Examine The Employee Testing Programme and Find The Right Candidate For Your Company

There are various kinds of assessments you may test your applicant on:

  • Technology skills
  • Industry knowledge (healthcare, legal or medical)
  • Grammar, spelling or mathematics tests
  • Problem solving skills
  • Customer service tests
  • Management ability related tests

These are the various tests that you may consider for your applicant; in the entire process, the applicant spends the whole day in office which doesn’t include any time in the real interview.

The costs of these tests add up and increase the cost involved in hiring an eligible candidate. Apart from the cost involved; time spent in assessing the tests, interpreting the results and ranking the applicant based on the results. When candidates are presented with such tests; they sometimes think what they have gotten into.

Many tests are essential like the excel assessment test as it judges the excel skills of the candidate and there is no other way to assess it. However, not every part of the job description should be linked to a test as it decreases the cognitive abilities of the applicant and it becomes less likely for the recruiter to hire the right candidate for the vacant position.

Assessments are not the only deciding factor while hiring an applicant. They are just an important part of it and help us in understanding the skill set of an applicant. They should only be used to gauge attributes which otherwise are not easy to determine during the interview process. Every aspect of the job profile should not be assessed using an assessment as they tend to reduce the cognitive abilities as described earlier and exhaust the applicant from projecting his true abilities.

So, some would think how should you determine the right number of tests for a candidate? Well, it depends on the position you are hiring for, key factors that are essential to the job profile and the structure of the interview process. It also depends on your budget. You can opt for various in depth online excel test for ascertaining the excel skills, which covers several topics in a single test. These tests will help you narrow down the cost and time involved in the assessment process.

It’s not just about the number of tests that should be taken to determine the eligibility of the candidate but about the most effective test that will help you learn more about the candidate. The most important thing while assessing a candidate should be judging them on the right parameters related to the job profile and not just passing all the tests and possessing the skills that won’t even be required while conducting business.