Ordering glasses online might still seem like a novel idea to some, but many consumers have been opting for the digital approach for years. If you need eyeglasses, then purchasing them can often be an expensive hassle. Buying glasses in person is often more expensive than buying them over the internet. But, how exactly are you able to try these glasses on? Part of the fun of purchasing glasses is being able to try on numerous pairs to see which ones fit your face the best. But, the internet doesn’t really provide you with the ability to try on a wide range of glasses. Or does it?

There are certain companies that offer the convenience of a “home try-on kit.” These are exactly what they sound like. The company will essentially send you a certain amount of frames (usually about 5) and then you can try them on. You can choose your favorite of the set or ask for another selection of frames so that you get the right pair for your sense of style. In most cases, you can do this entirely free of charge without any obligation to actually purchase the frames. All you have to do is send the full kit back to the company to move toward getting your chosen frames.

Of course, some online companies will actually fill your prescription for you (if you know your prescription). Others are “prescription-free” and will ask you to go to an optometrist to get your prescription filled. This is likely the safest business practice, considering that your optometrist knows how best to fill your glasses prescription.

Can You Try On Glasses Frames Purchased Online


Trying on glasses at home means that you’ll have to wait a certain amount of time to get the home try-on kit. If you don’t really want to wait to see how the glasses will fit and you don’t want to go to a brick and mortar glasses shop, then you may think you’re out of options. In reality, some websites are offering brand new virtual technology that can digitally outfit you with thousands of pairs of glasses. If you have a webcam, the website will place a digital projection of the glasses onto your face. This allows you to see how you’ll look in a wide variety of frames without having to wait for the mail or go to the glasses shop.

Purchasing glasses online is the best and most convenient way to get your eyewear in the digital age. The wide selection of frames available to you online means that you’ll have a virtually endless selection. The fact that you can also try on a few pairs (either physically or digitally) alsomakes online glasses shopping beneficial for many people. If you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses, then the internet might be the best place for you. Even if you just want to digitally try on a few pairs to see how you look in different styles, you can use the wonder of the world wide web to your advantage.

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