Buying A Projector – Factors To Consider

Many customers still associated the purchase and use of projectors with a work based setting and are surprised to learn that they can offer a brilliant viewing experience in the home. As expert installers of projects, Mast AV Services know the full range of capabilities and functionalities that modern-day projectors can offer customers.

Projectors have come a long hugely, like their television counterparts, from their early days and are now helpfully categorised so that you purchase the model that suits what you intend on using it for; gaming, home theatre or cinema or business presentations. But still even though you know what and how the projector will be used, you will still be presented with many models and styles to choose from.

The questions to ask

To get the best projector for you, for the correct intended use and for your budget, you need to be asking question to assess your exact needs…

What kind of images do you plan on showing?

Basically there are 4 images that you can use a projector for: data (graphs etc.), video, photos and games. As you know, any projector will project all of these images BUT some will do it better than others! One make of projector, for example, may be great for showing still photos but quality may be compromised when it comes to gaming. It is obvious that you will need the right projector for the job!

Helpfully, manufacturers are classifying their projectors so you have a better idea of which one is for you; for those working with data, a ‘business’ use projector may be the one for you and others are categorised as home cinema types. In recent years, with the advances in and the popularity of gaming, some projectors are now more efficient, with a higher quality viewing experience where the action being projected is faster-moving.

How portable do you want it to be?

Not everyone has a stationary role for their projector and many are still portable; clearly you will need to consider size and weight as main aspects of portability. These portable models are still high quality.

However, the vast majority of people are looking for a fixed projector. To get the best viewing experience, there are various factors that need to be taken into account, including the position of the projector for ease of access, as well as connecting to a sound system. We offer a full survey and installation service so you get the very best from your projector system.

Have you thought about resolution?

Clearly, what can create the perfect viewing experience is the clarity and brightness of the image being projected. As a result, different display resolutions are used for different purposes. Some projectors offer a range of resolution options, meaning that when films or DVDs are shown, you can ‘upscale’ the resolution, bringing additional clarity; presentations tend to use a lower resolution.

Do you know how to connect it all and how to work it?!

Projectors are relatively simple to work when you know how. The use of sound is important – a wide format projection is great, but if the sound is lacking, you are missing out on atmosphere. Just follow the instructions or call an expert.

Choosing the correct projector is not as easy as it may seem initially, so hopefully this information from Steve Bateman, MD at Master AV Services, gives you a little more confidence in making the correct choice.

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