The Jaguar XF is a sedan. It is aimed squarely at the executive market and is classed as a mid-sized luxury car. It has been available for several years and has already been updated and upgraded several times. What you will need to decide is whether it makes a good business vehicle for your needs.

Buying A Jaguar XF As A Business Vehicle


The first thing you notice about the XF is that it is an understated, elegant vehicle. The car is built with the traditional Jaguar approach. It is stylish, aerodynamic and hints at being sporty. But it does not scream and shout its presence. This is the reason so many Jaguars have been used by Royalty and important politicians. The car says that you are someone who should be taken seriously but not that you are so wrapped up in your own success and abilities that you are not able to listen to others.


Before you buy any vehicle you should look at one. The Jaguar XF can be seen and test driven at You will be impressed with how well it combines all the above qualities.


The Jaguar XF is luxurious and comfortable inside; you can sink into the leather seats and consult important documents whilst being whisked to your next meeting. Alternatively, you can drive the car yourself and allow your passengers to enjoy the luxury the vehicle has to offer.

The car also comes with an impressive options list ensuring it has every feature you might need.


Despite the size of the car, it has a range of excellent engines; all of which can provide excellent bursts of power when needed. The handling has been designed to be responsive, yet delicate with a good amount of feedback; making the car a joy to drive.

Environmental Issues:

Business vehicles can be taxed heavily according to their environmental effect. The emissions and km per litre will play a part on the tax you will need to pay if the vehicle is to be used as a company car. It is essential to study these figures first so that you know what will be entailed if you proceed with the purchase.

Every vehicle will have a taxable benefit associated with it, although the Jaguar may be more expensive than some, its style, power and presence can more than compensate for the difference.


If you decide that the XF is the right car for your business needs and you wish to buy a pre-owned example, you will need to ensure it has been looked after. The servicing should be up to date and any manufacturer recommended maintenance, such as a timing belt, should have been completed on time and by a recognized garage. If this information is not up to date then you are best to walk away and look for a different vehicle. High mileage is less of a concern than a lack of servicing.


Finally, you will need to be sure that the vehicle is big enough for your needs. You may need to carry sample products or colleagues around; this sedan should be big enough but you may have issues with the space. It is best to check before you buy.