Organizations and businesses always have to ensure that they have the right processes and procedures that help them churn out the maximum profits and revenue. They should have the right business strategies in place and ensure that their staff is trained on how to attain these business goals using the least of efforts. When it comes to business strategy, it is very important for the business owner to ensure that you get the best brains on the job and this is where a good staffing and recruitment process is needed too!

JD Dukes heads the subject management expert program at Alan Barry Consultants LLC and he says that when it comes to staffing and recruitment, the organization should never rush through the whole process. He says that companies should make use of a collaborated recruitment process that is crucial to its progress and development.

What are the characteristics of a good hiring and recruiting team?

He says that if any company wishes to make use of a good recruitment system, it is important for them to make use of a hiring team. They will be aware of the latest in talent sourcing. The best recruiting and hiring system will always meet and match your business needs. The system should fit the needs of your business. For instance, a small business house and a large business house does not have the same needs. It is essential for you to map out the needs of your organization and communicate the same to professional hiring teams. They will be aware of your needs and help you in the endeavor of finding the right candidates for your needs.


When it comes to a hiring team, the professionals here should be very good in communication. The candidate experience should be good as well. The process should be streamlined and at the same time the application process should not be complicated. A good hiring and recruitment process must ensure that the applicant is assured that he or she is applying to a good company.

Good recruiting and staffing process for your business needs…

He adds that a good recruiting and staffing process also integrates social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. They are good sources for finding out manpower. A good recruiting and hiring system will smoothly integrate with social media and it allows you in a large manner to balance the recruitment power of social media platforms on a single arena. It is very important for you to review the referrals if you are in a hiring and recruitment team he says. This will help you to shortlist the best candidates for the job. Once you have shortlisted the best candidates for the job, you should ensure that you take time to screen the candidates as per the demands of your business needs and hire them accordingly.

Jeffrey A Dukes has several years of valuable experience when it comes to hiring the best candidates for his company. He is a mentor and guides clients with how they can improve their staffing and recruitment processes to the best needs of their company!