Business and Fundraising

Did you know that anyone can fundraise? Yes even corporate business can fundraise if they want to. One of the advantages of fundraising whilst part of a corporate company is the fact that you have the staff on hand to help you organise, plan and participate in any event you decide to do.

Having the extra help can really make a difference. A lot of Corporations like to do team building exercises to motivate their teams into performing better. Why not take it one step further and arrange for your next corporate team building event to be one that benefits a charity? This sheds a good light on the company too in the eyes of the public.

Has your team lost their motivation, are they bored of the same routine and is department is suffering as a result? Then a team building event might be in order to get things back on track. A key thing to consider is that quite often when people do good things, it makes them feel better and more motivated. If you feel more motivated then you will work harder so everyone wins.

If you like to organise your team building abroad and have the funds to do so, then looking at hosting charity events abroad. Not many people will refuse to participate in a charity event especially if it means they get a little paid holiday at the same time. Here are some fun ideas that both incorporate team building with fundraising to get you started.

Organise a Trek

A simple idea yet challenging depending on the location and length. Be sure that your team can handle the mileage and terrain you choose. The last thing you want is to have anyone feeling left out. A trek is good, as you can choose how you want to earn the money. You can fundraise based on each mile, or on completion, fastest time, slowest time, even mix it up a little by asking to be sponsored whilst wearing a silly costume. However, on this last point, it is vital that you have the correct equipment, including proper shoes to make the trek easier.

This idea is great for team building as you can all work together to reach the goal. Help each other along and have a little fun whilst doing it.


A bit of a bizarre idea you may think, but it is also another great opportunity to fundraise and also build trust in your team. For this one you can split your team into smaller groups and then set them a challenge. You could say for every shot fired, a small amount of money is donated. You could ask people to donate more depending on where the hits land and place bets on which team wins. There are lots of different ways to organise a charity paintball event and it can also get rid of any tension between workmates that may be there.

Environmental Clean up

Find somewhere that needs a little tender loving care, somewhere that has been left in a sad state, and organise your team to clean it up. Not only are you doing a good thing for the environment but you can fundraise whilst doing so.


There are many different cycle routes to choose from, each with their own degree of difficulty. Try and push yourself so the event is challenging but not impossible. All you need is a bike that is in good condition and you are good to go. You can choose to have a race if you like, or you could ask people to stop at certain points and collect things to make it more interesting.

Doing it abroad also opens up a lot of great routes that will offer you a more interesting adventure experience than a route at home.

Choosing the Right Event

Before you dive right in and start organising an event, you need to take a few things into consideration. Firstly factor in the costs. Whilst it’s true that the business will most likely be funding the expenses, you will need to make sure that the fundraising goals you have set are well within everything abilities.

In addition to this, you need to speak to your team and come up with an agreement on what they are willing to do. If you run off and organise an extreme sport to raise funds and someone on your team is unable to participate for whatever reason, it cuts your potential fundraising down. You want everyone to participate, ask your team for any suggestions and have a vote on what would work best for you as a team.

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