Bushnell manufactures some of the best quality rangefinders in the market. These utilize laser beam along with high-speed clock to calculate how the location of the selected target. Priority distant target software allows the hunter to track distant subjects without any interference from nearby objects. These offer a clear view with extreme speed for catching lithe and fast animals capable of moving away from shooting range quickly. These rangefinders are available in rifle mode than bow mode varieties based upon the hunter’s weapon of choice. Device range varies between few feet and 1000 feet. So, hunters are able to track animals, both nearby and far away.

For operations, Bushnell Rangefinders calculate the return time of the laser beam to viewfinder unit after striking the target. It displays the calculated result on the LCD lens of the rangefinder. Popular applications of this technology are in sports as archery or golf as well as bird watching, and hunting.

Bushnell Rangefinders-A Premium Tracking Device

Some of the most popular models are as follows.

Medalist Rangefinder

If you yearn for spin, pinseeker, and long distance, the Medalist Rangefinder from Bushnell seems to be your choice. It comes with a horizontal smooth profile that uses lower scores and pinseeker technology. State of the art technology use ensures that the Medalist is natural and quick for the eyes. Hunters and sports people can easily spot distant objects tab within deepest corners regardless of obstacles, which will definitely befuddle other enthusiasts.

Pinseeker technology ensures that the hunter gets the information sought for successful shooting. Highly lightweight yet it boasts of spectacular range finding features setting new standards the world of laser rangefinders. Similar to Pinseeker 1500 its predecessor, Medalist uses this technology for better uniformity and accuracy. A rubberized armoring makes it easy to handle. The best news is that you do not need to configure Medalist Rangefinder from Bushnell and it’s ready to use just after taking it out of the box!

Tour V2 Rangefinder

One of the latest offerings from Bushnell, Tour V2 Rangefinder offers an incredible range from just 5 yards to 1000 yards. It also uses Pinseeker technology for zeroing in on the target and offers complete accuracy of the shot. Use this model and lock pin position and it allows precision range measurements for maximum 300 yards. LCD screen displays signal upon locking pin position. Display signals prevent distance measurement of nearby objects or those present in the background. In case two objects come under the rangefinder view, it will display the distance of the one, which is closest to you.

Bushnell 1600 Rangefinder

This model uses a reflector gadget for location. No configuration is required upon purchase and one can use it directly. It comes with built-in inclinometer to help you get the incline or decline degree for tracking an uphill or downhill target and assure a clear aim.

A popular, robust brand, Bushnell Rangefinders is a big asset for hunters and sportspeople alike. These well-trusted products offer simple operations, durability, complete accuracy, and great performance in all weather conditions.