You may think you have a business website, and that’s good enough.  You are wrong.  There is far more to building an effective and useful business website than simply throwing a few pictures and facts together about your organization.

Web users seek out some very specific pieces of information regarding a business, and your website should be built to suffice their needs.  Take some time to read through a brief summary of a few of the most important aspects of a well-designed business website, and see how your site adds up.

Building A Business Website That Matters

Create space for your business blog

Not only does every modern business need a website, but they need a blog as well.  You want to aim to remain relevant among the social heartbeat of the internet, and a well-written blog is the key.

Internet readers are a very loyal brand of human being, and if you can earn their attention, you’ve built a lasting relationship.  Blog readers are loyal.  Your job is to give them something to be loyal to.

Make sure your business blog is relevant to the industry in which your business operates.  Like this example site shows, writing about related topics expands the effectiveness of your site.  A blog also gives you a great reason to incorporate the use of social media share buttons.

Keep communication at the top of the list

Make communication a priority as you lay out the plans for your new and improved business site design.  Not only should you create a “Contact Us” page filled with several different ways in which people may communicate with someone in your organization, but you want to make it easy for people to periodically share their thoughts and experiences as well.

For example, place your organization’s telephone number at the top right corner of the homepage.  It doesn’t take much searching to locate such a blatant opportunity to communicate.

Learn everything you can about SEO

Search engine optimization is a vital skill with which all web designers should be painfully familiar.  The concepts of SEO will teach you what exactly the search engines see and seek as they decide what to post on the first page of the SERPs (Search Engine Page Results).

Optimize your design for mobile users

Mobile users far surpass PC and laptop users.  It is a fact, and your organization should adjust (if they haven’t already).  If the people viewing your website have to pinch and swipe to adequately view the entirety of your website, then you need to reformulate your design.

Modern society has no patience for lagging and teeny tiny selection boxes, so don’t make them face such an ill fate.  Look into what you can do to optimize your website for mobile users.