Imagine you are at the railway station on the cold bench by tucking your foot under you; you are absorbed in reading your newspaper and hence you are not able to know the numbness. Then suddenly you see that your train is coming and you leap to catch the train but suddenly you realize that your foot has fallen asleep. You try to jump forward to catch your train on your numb foot bracing yourself with the inevitable tingling, burning and stabbing pain. This is essentially a signal that the blood deprived nerves are screaming to come back to life.

Brain tumor is a type of cancer which is life threatening. The brain tumor is very is hard to detect unless and until some of the major parts of the body are affected. It is possible to go for surgery in the initial stages; but after a certain time period the tumors start growing at a very fast pace. This is a situation where it becomes difficult to know which part will be affected and when. The patient will have to remain very vigilant. The effects are life threatening and devastating as the tumor grows out of control.

Understanding Brain Tumor

There basically two categories of tumor – they are namely the primary tumor and secondary brain tumors. The primary brain tumors are supposed to be malignant tumors. This essentially means that they are cancerous in nature. Rest of the brain tumors are generally second tumors which are not generally malignant. But in the long run it is important that these tumors are treated. According to the experts there are many small symptoms which can make you understand that you are suffering from a tumor. Few have problems in speech, finding it difficult to walk; some of them are confused not able to concentrate. All these in the long run could lead to brain tumor.

Treatments for Brain Tumor

When we talk about treatment – the cost of brain tumor surgery in India is very less as compared to other countries. The major reason being India is promoting Medical tourism. This is one of the reasons why the treatment cost is less. There are different types of treatment for brain tumors; among them surgery is the most sought after treatment.

Why Choose India for Brain Tumor Treatment?

The average cost of treatment for brain tumor in most of the countries abroad is very high as compared to the brain tumor surgery cost in india. India has to its credit some of the well-known neurosurgeons who provide the treatment for brain tumors. The success rate of tumor surgery is very high in India. They are highly skilled and also vast practical experience. This is one of the main reasons why people prefer to get themselves treated in India. The brain tumor hospitals use the latest technology and equipment. The hospitals are also well arranged with all the facilities. The patients who come from abroad are provided with excellent boarding and lodging facilities in the hospitals itself. Thus the relative who comes with the patient also feels at home while the treatment is going on. There are many packages which are provided in some of the most well-known hospitals. This has been attracting a large number of people from outside India for brain tumor surgeries.

Brain tumor can be treated – one need not worry about cost as India is the best place for tumor surgery.