Booming Of Indian Handicraft Industry

Booming Of Indian Handicraft Industry

Among the different types of industries that are being promoted by the local and central government, the one that is enjoying immense prominence and importance is the handicraft industry. As a matter of fact, Indian handicraft industry is said to have remained as one among the most instrumental industries and is regarded to offer employment to people in huge numbers across the country. However, still this industry is stated to be as a cottage based ones, although with time, it has evolved to become the country’s major revenue. The wide range of handicraft items is popular for its versatility, with regards to the materials that are used for making such products, which are stated to be environment friendly.

Growth of the Online Industry

Similar to the other types of business, Indian handicrafts also have gone online with its wide variety of products that is being created on a mass scale throughout the country. These handcrafted items are found to be in great demand not only in the country, but also across the globe by collectors and those who would like to enhance the beauty and décor of their home. It is now possible to find handicrafts of India online in wide varieties and to buy something that suits the needs. With the country sharing a rich culture and tradition, the demands for Indian handicraft items only has been increasing with time. The advent of the web has in turn has helped the small time local manufacturers to put up their wares online and reach the global consumers without any hassle. The governments also have been doing its bit to promote this industry. Nowadays, the online shoppers do have numerous options to select from.

About the Indian Handicraft Industry

Handicrafts online India is fast becoming popular. But still it is seen to be fragment having over 5 million regional artisans along with over 60,000 exporters and export houses who have been promoting craftsmanship and regional art in the global and domestic markets. Most of the workers in this segment comprise of women and those belonging to the poor and weaker communities. However, with each passing year, there has been noticed consistent development by about 15%. Such robust growth is said to have got the much needed attention from several prominent Indian personalities. The current Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi is said to have spoken in length about the handicraft industry of the country at an event held in January 2016.

Moreover, the artisans have been noticed to come up with something exciting, creative and new designs on a regular basis. Be it home decorative items, vases, clocks, home furnishings, etc. there are available variety of items to be selected from.

Since this industry is currently seen to be on a positive note, it has been trying to spread far and wide mainly in small towns and rural areas, thus providing employment opportunities to those who are skilled in some kind of art. The web also has been helping to promote this art and the Indian handicraft industry.

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