When birds choose to linger or nest around your commercial property you don’t have to bear with them and hope that they’ll move on to a new roosting place quickly. Their noise, mess and ability to scare staff and visitors, a variety of health and safety implications and accessibility to humane and efficient, cost effective long-term solutions should encourage any premises owner with a commercial bird control issue to seek immediate professional assistance.

Bird proofing can be achieved via several preventative means, from bird scaring devices to anti-bird spikes, anti-bird netting or meshes. None pose any risk to the bird population. They are designed to frustrate the birds trying to gain access to the nesting or congregation space so eventually they discontinue their efforts and move on.

Specialists from a top-rated firm like Apex Environmental Services will respond swiftly to calls for assistance, assess the bird infestation’s size and the species involved. They’ll suggest the most appropriate measure for your unique situation, taking in to account the budget, location and whether a permanent or temporary solution is being sought.

Most clients are surprised by the discreet nature of commercial bird control products, the ease of installation and undeniably positive results.

All work undertaken by licensed firms is carried out in accordance with the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 under General Licence and Natural England’s rules. Bird proofing methods meet the legal criteria required.

A word of caution

The bacteria in bird droppings, also called guano, and secondary flea infestations mean that procrastination about taking action is a risky strategy which could result in serious health issues.

Commercial bird control experts can explain the risks and their industry approved techniques for removing their hazardous waste, but please, never tackle the task of guano clearance yourself.

Anti-bird spikes

  • Best for low to medium severity commercial bird control.
  • Ethical, practical and proven technique.
  • The Apex Environmental Services anti-bird spikes feature a polycarbonate base and rust and corrosion proof 304-316 grade stainless steel spikes.
  • The bird spikes are fanned at a range of angles, depending on the specification of bird spikes selected. This is determined by the bird species.
  • The plastic base of the anti-bird spikes system is fixed to a ledge, signage, steel beams or guttering using a high tack adhesive.
  • The anti-bird spikes overhang the edge so when a bird approaches the spike’s tip touches the bird’s breast and gently pushes the bird off balance. The bird soon becomes frustrated and flies away. The bird is physically unharmed.
  • There is no invasive property damage with this measure.
  • No ongoing maintenance is required with an anti-bird spike system.

Anti-bird mesh systems tend to be selected for under bridges and in spaces which are prone to vandalism; anti-bird netting is suitable for almost any environment and infestation size, from commercial landscaping sites to office blocks to distribution centres.

Apex Environmental Services bird proofing team works extensively in Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Avon, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire so if you are enduring feathered foes at your premises please contact them today.