The significance of a logo cannot be underestimated, as it is the graphical identity of a brand and compromising on it can degrade your business’s reputation. No matter if your services or products are of good quality, you will not be able to catch the attention of audience if your logo is poorly designed. Designing a logo seems easier, but it is not that easier to design a compelling logo. Because a logo has the ability to offer recognition to your company, there should be no room for mistakes. There is a need to go through the common mistakes that almost every logo designer makes so as to create a catchy and professional logo.

Biggest Blunders Every Logo Designer Should Avoid

Before you look forward to getting the best logo design for your company, you should be aware of the following mistakes that a logo designer needs to avoid.

1.Relying so much on trends:

Almost, every logo designer wishes to create a unique logo design based on the latest design trends available in the market. If a designer creates a design as per the trends, it may start looking out-of-date soon. Because a logo is the identity of your business, it should be timeless. In order to design a trendy logo, you will lose the uniqueness. You should take inspiration from the latest trends but you should avoid replicating them exactly.

2.Wrong color selection:

Arbitrarily choosing colors for your logo design can be one of the biggest mistakes that many logo designers usually make. It is really essential to understand the psychology behind picking the right colors for designing a striking logo. As a professional designer, you should choose the color that reflects the message and personality of your brand. Moreover, adding right colors to the logo should be your last preference because focusing on its design is more important.

3.Making use of raster images:

Many designers believe in making use of raster images while creating the logo design. The disadvantage of using raster images is that these images don’t have the capability to scale to any size. If you try to scale raster images, it will make the images look blur and thereby reducing the quality of the logo design. To show professionalism, a designer should create the best logo design via popular designing tools like Adobe or Illustrator. Create a logo design in such a way that it could be scaled to any size you want.

4.Inappropriate use of fonts:

The way your logo catches the attention of the audience depends on how good is its interface. A designer should always pick a right font that makes it look memorable for many long years. Making use of too many fonts or typefaces in a single logo may make it look poor. To make your logo look attractive, you should pick a font that reflects the type of business you are running. It is recommended to make use of those fonts that make your logo design look professional, not amateurish.

5.Overly complex:

It is a true fact that a logo should look out-of-the-box and unique but make it look too complex is not the solution. If you are a professional designer, you should be aware of the fact that the simplicity may help you in gaining more traffic. For example, look at the logo designs of reputed companies like McDonald’s, Nike, or various other brands. Every company has a simple yet attractive logo design. So, ensure to avoid making it look overly complex.

6.Copying others:

Since the purpose of a logo is to represent a brand, making it look like your competitor’s logo design may ruin the reputation of your business. Avoid copying others as it would neither do any favor to the designer nor the client. Make efforts to show some creativity and make your own design.

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