Data analysis is the information extracting process from the data or the process of examining varied and large datasets. This includes multiple stages of creating a data set, preparing the dataset for processing, applying various models, creating reports and identifying the key findings. The main objective of Data Analytic courses is to find the actionable insights that can inform in decision making. It is generally used to uncover the hidden patterns, unknown correlations and various important information like customer preferences, market trends, which helps the organizations to make more smart and informed business decisions.

Why is Big Data analytics required?

Big data is used for understanding the customers, their behaviour and preferences in a better way. Companies are always keen for their traditional dataset expansion with the social media data and browsing logs. In order to get the complete picture along with the above-mentioned terms, sensor data and text analytics are also concerned.

It would not have been easy to process and extract a large amount of data within a short period of time, under one roof, without the application of Big Data Analytics, which help the companies to get the needful information.

Where is it used?

It is always a question that, which are the places where it is used? Think of the business that totally depends on quick and agile decisions to be in the competition, are more likely to use this.

Various organizations where big data is used

  • Retail
  • Government
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Healthcare

RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) is working hard to get on the number one position among the banks in the UK, for customer service, advocacy and trust. They are using data analytics courses to change the way of their business.

Why is Big Data important?

There are various reasons that state the importance of Big Data Analytics

  • Cost efficient
  • Time reduction
  • New product development
  • Understanding the market conditions
  • Controlling the reputation online

Technologies used in Big Data Analytics:

The common technologies used in the storage are mentioned below, which are then further categorized into storage and analysis/querying.

  • Apache Hadoop
  • NoSQL
  • Microsoft HDinsight
  • Sqoop
  • Polybase
  • Presto

Why must big data analytics course be learned?

It will open the floodgates for the individuals with a large number of opportunities, it will help them to show their talents in various skilful and trending manner, which would be appreciated by the companies or the organizations in the present scenario. This is because there is no dearth of demand for the data analysis courses in various domains which have been discussed earlier, the real-time application is huge and it is increasing every day on a grand scale.

Competitive advantage for business:

Big data analytics is used so commonly these days to outperform the peers by companies. Most industries use the use the strategies to compete, innovate and capture the value, resulting from the analyzed data.

It helps companies for the creation of new growth opportunities and an entirely new group that can combine and analyze the industrial data. They have sufficient data about the concerned products and services, along with the dealer-consumer information that can be processed and analyzed.

It even optimizes the business process by understanding them; retailers can optimize their stock easily based on the prediction models which are generated by the search trends, social media and to some extent weather forecast.