Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh is home to more than 17 major lakes. Most of the lakes in this beautiful city are natural; you can get to see the artificial lakes as well. The lakes of this city are well-maintained and well-decorated that add fuel to the beauty of this city!

Are you planning a trip to Bhopal very soon? If yes, then you should not miss these exquisitely beautiful lakes for anything! Apart from the astounding view of the lakes, you would also be able to indulge yourselves in various kinds of water sports that are available here! Book any hotel in Bhopal and let the trip begin!

Bhopal hotels

  • Upper Lake: Known otherwise as Bada Talab, the Upper Lake is one of the biggest man made lakes of our country. The lake was built during the reign of Raja Bhoj. The Upper lake is built on the river Kolas and provides a breath-taking beauty to the tourists as well as the residents of Bhopal. This lake is surrounded by the fascinating Kamla Gardens where a simple stroll can sooth your mind!
  • Lower Lake: Just beside Upper Lake, there is Lower Lake which is not so old compared to the Upper Lake. Both the lakes are connected by an over bridge. When you are here, try to go for the water sports like boating, water skiing and many more! Also, if possible, try not to miss the sunset sitting on the banks of Lower Lake. This experience alone will make you fall for this city time and again, that’s for sure! The Lower Lake is known as Chhota Talab. These two lakes are jointly referred to as Bhopal by the locals. Look for the Bhopal hotels online and enjoy these two major lakes to the fullest.
  • Sarangpani Lake: Another beautiful lake of the Bhopal is Sarangpani Lake which is located near Gandhi Market. While exploring the city, try to visit this lake for the calming garden and the breathtaking view of this lake.
  • Motia Talab: On your way to Taj-ul-Masjid, you will get to see another important lake of Bhopal, Motia Talab. This particular lake has many local stories related to it. This is another lake which is beautifully decorated and well managed.
  • Shahpura Lake: Want to enjoy a beautiful sunrise from some prominent place within the city of Bhopal? If yes, then go to the famous Shahpura Lake! The natural beauty of this lake will mesmerize you surely! Also, check out the boating facilities that are available in this lake!
  • Mullah Sarovar: Near Barkatullah University, there comes another beautiful lake of Bhopal, Mullah Sarovar. These small lakes are beautiful and they only enhance the charm of the city. Look out for this lake when you are out to explore the city on foot.

The city of Bhopal is known for the water sports and the natural beauty which is enhanced by the lakes of this city. Start looking for the hotels in Bhopal from today and have a great trip ahead!