Winter sure is a beautiful season and driving can definitely be a thrill if you have a beautiful weather. But many a times driving in winter can be dangerous, owing to the slippery roads and hindered vision due to the fog and mist. Here are 6 dangers of driving in winter you need to be careful about.

Top 6 Dangers Of Driving In Winter

1. Black Ice Accidents

Be careful of this hidden trap which is basically clear water that is frozen on the roads, creating chances for you to slip when speeding. Drive slowly to be alert about any approaching black iced roads and areas to avoid any mishaps. Get the right winter tyres if you live in an area that experiences severe winters. A winter tyre has better grip and hence helps avoid skidding over black ice areas.

Be careful while driving on low lying areas, areas around trees and plants, bridges and areas that look darker than the surrounding areas to avoid black ice accidents.

2. Mishap Occurring During Blizzards

The accidents that occur during the blizzards can be disastrous and sometimes even fatal.  When faced with a blizzard while driving, pull off from the road till the weather stabilises. While waiting in the car for a safe time to resume driving, keep the following tips in mind.

a)    Keep opening the window by an inch for ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

b)    Keep running your car for equal intervals to keep it warm.

c)    If you have company, huddle with the co-passengers to keep yourself warm and to avoid frost bites.

d)    Flash your directional lights to alert other drivers on the road or highway.

3. Getting Stuck In Snow

If your area experiences heavy snow and if you ever get stuck in it, always try to get your car and yourself out of the snow. Keep a shovel in your car at all times for the same purpose. Make sure you get winter tyres during winter to avoid difficulty when such situations occur. Winter tyres are made of materials that ensure that the tyres remain soft even in the coldest of temperature. Invest in decent winter tyres for your vehicle to be on the safe side.

4. Lack of Visibility

Another danger of driving in the winter is poor visibility or lack of visibility. Keep the following tips in mind to avoid accidents in such a scenario.

a. Take care of your windshield to stay strong while wiping off snow and ice from the glass.

b. Carry de-icing solution at all times

c. Get winter tyres for your car to reduce the breaking distance in case of sudden lack of visibility due to snow.

5. Getting Stranded In Deserted Areas

Pack an emergency kit with first aid, food and important equipment in the trunk of your car for emergency supplies if you get stuck in remote areas. Carry an extra charged mobile phone or any other communication device for such situations.

6. Battery Failures

There are good odds that your battery will fail you in low temperatures. It can be hazardous especially if you are experiencing severe snow. Keep checking your battery throughout the year to make sure it is in good condition to pull through in adverse conditions.

It is extremely unlikely that you’ll be able to altogether avoid driving in winter. The best option is to keep these tips in mind and drive safe during the cold season.

By Azzam Sheikh

This article has been contributed by Azzam Sheikh, tyre consultant at Tyre-Shopper, UK.