As the new Formula 1 Racing season begins to really get on track and we get to see who the 2016-17 champion will be, betting on Formula 1 racing has become a major thing again. Given the number of challengers this year and the overall excitement involved in the sport at this time, it’s no surprise that betting on F1 has become a huge part of the local circuit.

The likes of 12Bet are seeing huge interest in F1 for the coming year and if you want to find a new avenue to go down in terms of betting, you might want to consider the high-octane madness of F1.

This year many people are seen as the “favorites” for the biggest races, with people like Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel all seen as good choices for the race. Others such as Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen, though, are much further back on the bookies list!

However, the competitive and random nature of F1 means that on any given race things can change quite dramatically. You could be betting on crashes, on winners, on surprise podium finishes and even just on someone getting a grid position. Betting on F1 racing is all about knowing the sport, though, and it means getting to know the personalities and the overall styles of each driver.

This obviously takes a bit of time but with enough practice and belief you shouldn’t have very many problems at all getting yourself in the right frame of mind for this style of betting.

We find that many people love betting on F1 racing because it’s so unpredictable; whilst the best cars tend to win the season, the races themselves are hyper-competitive and prone to massive surprise. One of the major elements of betting on F1 racing comes from understanding its quirks. The slightest miscalculation could throw the entire race plan out of kilter, other races are totally changed by the surprise breakdown of an otherwise imperious vehicle.

It’s what makes it so fun for people to get involved in and why a large chunk of people are now turning to betting on F1 racing. This is helping the markets become more interested and populated, adding another layer of space to what is already a deeply popular and much loved sport across the world.

If you are looking for a new way to enjoy your sports and something else to bet on then few options out there are quite as fun as F1 racing! It’s an engaging and enterprising experience, one that will really leave you breathless at times – are you willing to handle the pace and put your money where your mouth is?