POP Acronym for Plaster of Paris is building material is widely used in the building/offices to decorate the walls and ceiling of the rooms/ offices. Furthermore, we recognized it as stucco as well, which is too frequently used for plasterwork that is employed in some way to produce relief decoration, rather than flat surfaces.

There are various types of Plaster of Paris used in all work like gypsum, lime or cement etc. It is developed as a dry powder, then mixed with water to make a paste and applied immediately after make making hard. After that, it is applied to any surface.

Best Quality Plaster Of Paris (POP) - Decorate Your Home/Office

Types of Plasters

1. Clay Plaster:

Clay Plaster is the mixture of clay, sand, and addition of water. Moreover, it contains plant fibers for tensile strength over wood lath. In the Earliest European settlers’ plasterwork, mud plaster was used or more usually a mud-lime mixture. So, this one has widely used the material.

2. Gypsum Plaster:

Gypsum Plaster or Plaster of Paris is produced by heating Gypsum to about 300o When dry plaster is mixed with the water, it forms the Gypsum Plaster. A setting of unmodified plaster starts after 10 minutes of heating and process is completed after 45 minutes.

3. Lime Plaster:

Lime plaster is the mixture of calcium hydroxide and sand. To make lime plaster, limestone is heated over 850o C to produce the quicklime. Then water is added to produce calcium hydroxide, which is sold as putty or white powder.

4. Cement Plaster:

This plaster is the blend of sand, plaster, Portland cement and water which is applied to the interiors and exteriors to achieve a smooth surface. Sometimes, interior surface receives a final layer of gypsum plaster. Benefits of using this plaster are strength, hardness, quick setting time and durability.

5. Heat Resistant Plaster:

The heat resistant plaster is a building material used for coating walls and chimney breasts. Its purpose is to replace conventional gypsum plaster in a case where the temperature is too high. These plasters should be used where a wall is likely to exceed a temperature of 50 o

Uses of Plaster of Paris (POP):

Nowadays, POP is widely used various application. Whether it Art or fire protection system, each and every place the POP is used. But, some of these are main uses of the POP.

  1. Architecture: The Plaster of Paris is also used to create beautiful and complex room interiors. Whether it is roof or wall, each and every place POP is used. Nowadays, this material is used for false ceiling and decorating their houses. The powder is converted in the form of a sheet, and then it is attached to the basic ceiling with the help of fasteners.
  2. Art: Most of the great mural painting in Europe and other countries, they are painted on a thin layer of wet plaster.

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