The simplest way by which one can turn their house into a home is by adding houseplants. Greenery brings good energy and a breath of fresh air into your living space. Planters and small trees also add beauty, character and texture to your home décor. As there are numerous varieties of plants, the possibilities are endless and you can spruce up your interiors to create a welcoming ambience throughout your home.

As soon as you are aware that your dream 2 BHK in Thane is for sale, you start planning the layout and décor of your home! Below are a few ways by which you can bring the outdoors in to liven up the space to create the home of your dreams:


Suspend Them In The Air

If you’re out of planting space, don’t hesitate from looking up. Spider plants make for the perfect candidate for hanging. These plants are easy to maintain and easily survive in less than perfect conditions. A mature spider plant will form tight rosettes of arching leaves to soon result in a bushy green mane. Water them once a week and watch them thrive!

Add A Kitchen Companion

While succulents look great on the kitchen counter, they don’t thrive for too long when indoors, how ever bright the location might be. It’s the airflow that they seek. The exceptions to this are a few plants, which include aloe, dyckia, euphorbia and sedium burrito. Water these succulents sparingly, remember less is always more when it comes to these plants.

Make A Statement

Make a large plant the focal point of attention in your 2 BHK flat in Ghodbunder Road. It can add the much-needed finishing touch to an otherwise dull space in your home. Add the pot to a reading nook or the corner of your bedroom. Choose one that requires little maintenance and light if you’re not good with taking care of planters in the past as larger plants may call for more maintenance, so choose wisely.

Get Creative With The Stairwell

Stairways are an important area in the house, which should also be taken into consideration when planning the décor. One way to instantly add colour to the space is by placing small plants in vibrant pots along the edges of the staircase. You can also choose to place a large statement plant right at the beginning of the stairwell.

Give Them A Lift

You can also choose to give a houseplant prominence with a tall pot. Pots in muted shades contrast well with the soft texture of leaves. Choose one in neutral shades of grey and brown to create an unexpectedly pleasing combination that works well in a variety of spaces and designs.