Are you looking to buy property in Braintree? This Essex market town is a highly sought-after location for its amenities, its homes, and its location. Braintree has a lot of charm. It is ideally situated for the Essex countryside and coastline as well as providing good access to London. Whether you are looking to get on the property ladder for the first time, or move to a new home in Braintree, you’ll want to buy in a great neighbourhood. Here are some of the places in Braintree that are worth investigating.

Best Places To Buy A House In Braintree

New Build Communities

Braintree has at its heart its market town charm but there are many new build communities that have expanded the town in recent years. These places prove to be popular choices with families wishing to expand their living space, and for executives looking for a smart escape from the stress of the city.

One of these places is Great Notley Garden Village, which was constructed to the south east of the town. Great Notley Garden Village is made up of 2,000 houses which were built to the standards of the Essex Design Guide. It, like other estates in the county, is nicely designed with plenty of space and character. There is also Kings Park Village, located to the north after Coggeshall Road, which is highly popular as it is close to the Lyons Hall Primary School, which is an “outstanding” Ofsted-rated school. One of the most popular areas for families is Marks Farm, another new build development.

Surrounding Villages

The villages encircling Braintree boast an excellent selection of farmhouses, cottages, barns, and new builds. If you are looking to escape the city, this is an excellent place to start your property hunt. Silver End is a nice little place which has a great selection of art deco properties.

Braintree Town Property Highlights

In Braintree itself there are many different types of homes available on the market. These include old houses from the medieval period, up through Georgian houses, to Victorian, and houses from the Twenties. Since the property market covers such a wide range of styles, there are naturally different sized properties to suit families, single people, and retired people. The place to go for Georgian townhouses is Bradford Street, while Courtauld Road has a fine selection of large houses from the Twenties.

Best Streets in Braintree

Houses for sale in Braintree  on London Road and Broad Road date from the Thirties and also include more modern properties. Bradford Street, as mentioned above, is the location for period properties. In Great Notley Garden Village there is an area close to the White Court School which is particularly popular.

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