Are you looking for an online dog training certification program, but having some trouble finding one that fits your schedule?  Perhaps an online program will be the right fit for you!

Dogs need to be trained on what behaviours are acceptable, but every breed is different.  Some are working breeds that need a lot of exercise, while others are perfect couch potatoes who just want to adore you. Making things harder is that dogs don’t know how to talk to you, and the words you speak will mean nothing to them without an association. Online dog training programs can help you bridge this gap.

There are several questions to ask yourself when evaluating what the best program will be. The first is how effective is the program?  Does it offer you a satisfaction guarantee?  Do other users find success in using the training tips?

Best Online Dog Training Programs

Next, be sure that the training techniques are ones you are okay with as well as the ones you can follow when you factor in your schedule.  There are some training methods that are effective while being controversial at the same time, like the use of choke collars or shock collars.

Does the training program give you the option to do basic training on manners and then expand your dog’s skill set later?  Socialization is the most important tool you can give your dogs, so be sure the training program you pick will help you with this first.  Teaching your dog to make breakfast can come much later!

You can also ask if the company has references that you can check independently.  Sometimes testimonials on websites are culled to make sure only the really good ones get posted, and rating websites are not always as reliable as they might seem since reviewers are sometimes paid.  Referrals from other dog owners in your area are often effective, too, or you can talk to your vet for a recommendation.

Is the training program something you can afford?  Do you feel like you will receive a good value for the price you pay?

Your potential instructors may list credentials on their websites, giving you the chance to check them out.  Of particular note is the International Association of Canine Professionals.  This means your potential instructor will have undergone a particular set of training and will be up to date on his or her training methods.

When you find what you think is going to be the right training method, you should look for one last thing – a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. A reliable company will want to make sure you are completely happy.

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