Jewelries play an important role in everyone’s life. There are many other metals used in jewelry making. People use jewels for different purpose. Jewels are used for investing money in various forms, used for gifting purpose and also for various other purposes. Many people use jewels as one of the social status symbol. Men and women are wearing the jewels to show off their status. It is always expected to wear a metal ring as the symbol of love on the wedding or on engagement. Everybody likes to have the jewels as the best gift for their wedding. The Tacori engagement rings are the best for everyone who wants to celebrate their engagement in style. There are several precious metals are used in making exotic jewelry for the special occasions.

Best Ideas About Metals Used In Jewel Making

Gold Jewels

Gold is one of the best metals used for the attractive and valuable jewelry. It is beautiful and best for the special parties and special people. Gold is used from the ancient days. The metal in its purest forms are not useful. They are mixed up with some other non precious metals to make it in better combination and color shades for their jewels. The purest form of gold is 99.9% pure as 24 carat gold and the 91.7% of gold in 22 carat gold. There are other metal alloys which are very good to be used with the mixture of gold. Generally silver, copper, zinc and nickel are used as alloy metals with the gold. The gold is used as 9K, 10K, 12K and 14 k, as it forms a mixture of metals with gold. There will be several other forms such as white gold, rose gold are available in jewel making. The yellow gold is generally made up of gold mixed with the copper zinc. The yellow color will not tarnish or reduce as long as it is used. There are two toned, three toned or even multi colored gold metals are made by combining different types of metals. Yellow gold is made up of copper and Zinc similarly white is made up of mixing nickel and palladium. Rose gold is having the shadow of pink color due to the copper use with the gold in making rose colored metal.  The white or rose or even yellow is determined by the mixture of metals used rather than the outer coating. Therefore, we need not worry about wearing the color of the gold after sometime. Gold is very famous for the wedding or the engagement rings.