There can be many personal files which you do not want to share with anyone else. They can be your important files, documents, your personal photos, and images. But some sites can pick your photo and post it online. If you post many posts on SNS, then your information is vulnerable. But if you use some safety measures and tools, you can easily go online always without any worry.

Here are some ways to protect your private files:

  • Secure browser:

Always use an up to date internet browser. AN outdated browser can easily be tacked, which can cause floods in your internet. Never leave any footprint behind when you browse anything. These footprints can be a backdoor for an intruder. Cookies for a password can also be highly risky. Never use “remember me” for any banking sites. Any other person may use your identity for getting your bank details and money.

  • Strong Password:

A strong password is the best shield for protecting your private files. If you do not want to share your personal files and photos with anyone, always keep them behind a strong password. Your password should be alpha-numeric with some special characters. It should be long enough that nobody can guess it. Never use your birthday, favorite actor’s name, family member’s name as your password. These are very easy to guess. Always use two-factor authentication for all banking sites. Always change your default password for anything connected to your home network. One of the main devices for protection is your router; always keep track of your router.

  • Antivirus protection:

If you want to secure your files, installing a good antivirus can be the best solution. If your antivirus is working properly then, you can easily gain good safety from any kind of threats and hackers. There are many types of antivirus programs are available in the market. If you want basic protection features then you can choose free antivirus software, but if you want a high-class protection from every type of malware and criminal minds then you can go for the paid version. Paid antivirus comes with lots of security features. Avast antivirus provides many exclusive features for protecting your personal files. Contact Avast Support for more details.

  • Switch your search engine:

Most of the search engine keeps track of your footprints. Always clear history for removing the cookies. If you do not want that your browser tracks your marks, switch your search engine to DuckDuckGo. This search engine does not keep any track of your personal data.

  • Only use trusted software:

If you are downloading any software from the internet. Then always download it from the official website. A third party download can be dangerous. Before downloading any software, always check the number of downloads. If there are less number of downloads, then avoid downloading it.

  • Only use secure Wi-Fi:

Always use secure Wi-Fi. Never use public Wi-Fi, hackers can easily track you down from unsecured Wi-Fi. You can use public Wi-Fi for browsing your favorite sites, but never use it for banking and other personal work.

These are some safety measures for protecting your private files. If you have any other good ideas for protecting the private files, please share with us in our comment section.