Being a writer can be both exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time.

No matter how often your mother or spouse tells you that your tone and point of view are one of a kind, and that millions of people are going to want to read your book or article as soon as it’s finished, it may be too good to be true. The last thing that you want to do is deliver a manuscript or draft article to your publisher and have them tell you that it just doesn’t meet up with their high standards.

Instead of worrying about this possibility, why not hire free online essay editing tools that can take away the guesswork and deliver a quality document the first time?

In case you’re not really familiar with free online essay editing tools and what they can do for your dissertation, essay, book, short story, or screenplay, you should know that when you hire these services are typically rendered by experts that have been working with inexperienced authors and high profile publishers for years. Instead of leaving you guessing about whether the publishers are going to like and respect your work, a professional online editor for hire will proofread and edit your writing project to the highest standards.

If you’re considering hiring free online essay editing tools for your next project, you should know that there are several different types of editors.

The one you choose will have a big effect on the quality of your work. Price is but one factor. Most resourceful writers can find a professional editor that is reasonably priced. The most common types of editors are copy editors, line editors, proof readers, and substantive editors. The editor you are paired with will depend on your specific writing project.

Authors who are already working with a publisher may not need substantive editing because the publisher will likely have an editor to looks at the work as a whole and make sure it meets the needs of the target audience. However, before the manuscript makes it to the desk of this editor, it’s a good idea to hire free online essay editing tools who have a copy editor, line editor, or proof reader who can edit the document and ensure it is free of typographical, spelling, and syntax errors.

When you have finished writing, that’s your first draft. Now it’s time for the editing process to begin.

I recommend time boxing: that is, working in specified time periods. This allows you focus your concentration for a period of time followed by a short break. Your ability to focus on your work can be greatly increased using this method, and any Pomodoro timer will work sufficiently well. I recommend essay editor tools or the “Strict Workflow” app for your browser in the Google Chrome Store, which works tremendously well and includes the ability to block out distracting websites like Facebook, etc.

While self editing, pretend you are reading someone else’s book. Remember that fancy prose is not what you are looking for. You must immediately recognise the intent of very sentence. If you find it necessary to read a sentence more than once to get the impact of its meaning, you need to edit it.

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